It had been quite some time since Negan had his fill of fun.
This was merely a test of free will and the less desire for him to allow such shit and said shit.
Truth be told,he didn't like beating the ever loving fuck out of people. But once all is set and done,
And examples needed to be pursued...
There were...Consequences.

A war was well on it's way. The Kingdom and the fucking Tiger led by a black prophet it seemed..
Rick and the fuckin' funky bunch.. And fucking Christ,who knew who else was involved in Negan's soon to
be unfortunate demise. There was still the matter of being unable to find out Daryl's whereabouts.
And if he would stop fucking mumbling as if his mouth was puffed up like a baboons ass,
then he was sure as shit able to do more than find him and mold him into a valuable asset
to his Saviours.

But never the less,he had work to do.
Eugene had proved himself worthy.. Dickless Dwight..Well... Whatever.
Everyone that worked for him both willing and otherwise were on edge these past couple of weeks.
The one person he desperately wanted friendship with was of course,Carl.
The one eyed wonder from Rick's beach ball-sized nutsack that caused Negan to wonder
if the pint sized badass was even his.

Who else would he claim help from?
It felt as if no matter what he did-or so he thought he did for the best-was seemingly coming
to an end.. And Negan's reign of terror would be the inevitable /gone with the wind/ bullshit
that he truthfully wasn't looking forward to. He was on top of the world.
So who the fuck wants that shit show to fucking stop??

What was he supposed to do? Bend over and take it up the tailpipe,bitching and moaning
like an impotent fuck?

No. That wasn't Negan and it never would be.
He came into this world kicking and screaming and smothered in blood,and He'd happily
go out that way. His demagogue lifestyle was in jeopardy.

Enter.. The *NEW and IMPROVED* Lucille.
barbed wire to fucking perfection that even a scratch could shred skin like fucking 
chicken enchilada's.

Who's ready for war?

-> This fucking guy <-

Negan opted to pursue other means of brazen tactics. And if Rick thought he was out of the woods now?

Only time would tell how this shit would play out. 
But Negan will persevere despite anyone trying to kill him. Damn... He may not be able to fuck any of his wives for a bit..
Well.. Maybe one...

.....Alright then again.. Maybe not...

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    I also have a Raptor. Zeke has Shiva,I have Riptor. :')

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  • Is a demon crossover possible, or is that a little too much? If it is possible I'm interested. ^^ Let me know, please.

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