Pssst! Hey you-


Yeah, it's another 'searching for threads' post. So, without furthe ado-


Nik here is your friendly neighborhood possessed kid trying to figure out the supernatural world while fighting his own battles due to the demon he made a pact with. 

Supernatural themes. Magic, danger, comedy, violence, and whatever else. He can pair well with a variety of characters (humans, demons, witches, magic users etc.), but those that can exist in an urban setting would be closer to it. Canon characters are trickier, but if the scenario works then I'd certainly consider.


- I'm looking for a consistent writer and someone that isn't going to disappear without a word. 

- I like a touch of communication (if it's been a while since I've heard from you I'll likely reach out).

- Multi-paragraph is my normal rate.

- Let's chat! I don't bite. If this at all sounds interesting then toss me a message and say hey.

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