The cabin and the cold

The blanket of snow around the tiny cabin is tinted yellow from the warm glow of the hearth and lanterns inside. The windows look far too large for the cabin and the crooked door too little. There are pieces of wood hanging in places, accompanied by holes. Even with the warm glow and the threat of frostbite on your mind, it did not look inviting or all that warm. Through the dense woods that forbade any moonlight from entering, the cabin peaked through the tree trunks like a vile smirk. The stories of witches beckoning the weak and evil things lurking gave no ease for the weary souls that lingered on the doorsteps, fearing what could be on the other side, riddled with anxiety as they inevitably choose a witch over the cold. 


This story starts on the doorstep of the cabin. Your character or characters could be just as the average traveler, lost in the woods and quivering in the knees as the door glides open or maybe instead, you're a warrior not lost but seeking what's beyond the door or maybe you're something powerful hoping for something inside. Whatever it may be, you must enter or be put to external sleep, tucked into the blanket of white outside.


•Take it as it is or use it as inspiration for a different plot we make together. 

•20+ only 

•3rd person

  1. •Least a paragraph each reply except dialog

• Think that is all. 

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  • A steady rythm of crunching snow marked the confident steps of the rather large Elf carrying himself toward the roughshod door.  With a quiet, visible huff of warm breath on the cold air and one last glance over his shoulder, he leaned forward propping a leather-gloved hand on the door jam.  For a moment, there was a deliberate pause.  The obvious last rumentations of a creature faced with an impossible choice.  Of course in reality there was no choice - as the painful and sudden tingling of his nearly frost-bitten fingertips were all too keen to remind him of as they forced him forward in silent resignation.  With a reluctant push of his hand the door swung open.  It's weather exposed hinges crying out in protest as if deliberately announcing his arrival in retaliation.  Stepping through the threshold he scolded himself in whispered frustration.  "Pay more attention."  Leather boots softly clicked on the surprisingly well-kept floorboards below him, a stark contrast to the altogether delabitated facade of the hut he thought to himself. 

    Freezing, thirsty, and despite his willingness to admit it - practically on the verge of starvation, Celedrin took stock of his surroundings, stood upright and moved further into the cabin with seemingly returned confidence.  Afterall; being cold is no excuse to lose one's bearing.   

    "Hello?"  The elf called out.  Any attempt to conceal himself now was pointless he mused.  The door had already alerted anyone within a thousand footfalls anyhow.   

  • Interesting.  I had a bit of a different idea about a mage, seeking shelter with a made up mission not realizing that your character isn't friendly and trying to make them understand the mission and recruit them as an ally

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