Hello there.


Fresh blood in the community so I am just figuring out how to navigate this website but hopefully I can find a partner in no time and learn while enjoying a world we build together. I am rather picky sometimes so please don't take offense if I decide you're not the right fit for this story.

Before I post my idea, here are my rules.

• 3rd person 


•Add to the story. Don't just expect me to run everything without any creative input added from you. This is OUR story and world. 


•Multiple characters are okay with me.

•All races and magics welcome. 


And now for my idea which you may bend to your liking and see if we can create something else from it or just start from there. Up to you because besides the small bit below, I've got no set ideas. 


The blanket of snow around the tiny cabin is tinted yellow from the warm glow of the hearth and lanterns inside. The windows look far too large for the cabin and the crooked door too little. There are pieces of wood hanging in places, accompanied by holes. Even with the warm glow and the threat of frostbite on your mind, it did not look inviting or all that warm. Through the dense woods that forbade any moonlight from entering, the cabin peaked through the tree trunks like a vile smirk. The stories of witches beckoning the weak and evil things lurking gave no ease for the weary souls that lingered on the doorsteps, fearing what could be on the other side, riddled with anxiety as they inevitably choose a witch over the cold. 


This story starts on the doorstep of the cabin. Your character or characters could be just as the average traveler, lost in the woods and quivering in the knees as the door glides open or maybe instead, you're a warrior not lost but seeking what's beyond the door or maybe you're something powerful hoping for something inside. Whatever it may be, you must enter or be put to external sleep, tucked into the blanket of white outside. 


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  • Oh!!! And no irl face claims. I prefer fantasy art or anime. 

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