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Deirdre's Family (OOC)

Hello folks! This post will be about Deirdre's family along with her "cousins" Marzia and Hailey. I will give links to the profiles I made for them. I just wanted to make this a page for reference so people will have an idea of who they are if Deirdre mentions them in an RP. Thank you all!













Nathanial Lafayette (Unknown Age)

Birthdate: Unknown

Background: Nathaniel was once a noble and heroic prince of another world before he was sent to Earth. He was a prince that belonged to a kingdom known as Belldane and was engaged to the neighboring kingdom's princess named Princess Gilda of Amarithe. However, things would not go how he hoped as he was prophecized to turn into the great evil that would ruin his kingdom before he would rise as a hero of time. Stubbornly, he rejected this prophecy as he did not believe in such things. He was a man who believed he would shape his own destiny and do better than what was told about him. Though he did not know the full story, Nathaniel had been called to protect his homeland from a deadly dragon called Yashamut who plagued the lands in a rage. Yashamut would kidnap Nathaniel's sweetheart and challenge Nathaniel to a duel and Nathaniel- despite his parents wishes, agreed to it. 

Nathaniel would ride alone to the snowy mountains Yashamut resided after retrieving his family's ancient sword and had bested Yashamut in this duel despite Gilda's cries to not kill Yashamut. All seemed well before Yashamut would begin laughing darkly and calling Nathaniel a fool for killing him and that he would now inherit his curse of darkness and ill-fate, destined to be ravished by time and know nothing of true peace until his world crumbled. With this, Nathaniel had recieved Yashamut's draconic blood and powers, and changed him into a large and devastated beast who lashed out in confusion while Gilda tried to ease his mind and comfort him. However, Nathaniel accidentally had wounded Gilda in his confusion and only after her blood-curdling scream pierced his ears, Nathaniel snapped out of the rage and confusion he felt and quickly tried to go to her. 

However, she had changed herself and quickly handed over her medallion that once belonged to the Goddess Corinthia of their world, begging him to just leave this world and go somewhere else. However, Nathaniel protested and Gilda in her anger, grief, and pain used Nathaniel's sword to kill herself and recite a spell to send Nathaniel away to Earth.

On Earth, he traveled to different periods of time and suffered through anger, grief, and confusion. However, he would come to meet Medina of Cairo, a prophetess who would see past the darkness for the first time and try to help him as he would help her escape Egypt during the fall of Cleopatra. They would be preserved by time together after Nathaniel would give her a simple kiss that worked as a spell to shielf her from decaying from time. Together, they would become parents of two children would share Nathaniel's curse of never truly finding peace. One would become a powerful figure in history under the guise of the opposite gender, and the other would be like a shining star that would fade rather quickly no matter what anyone hoped for. However, they did make a friend out of the sorcerer Merlin after his youngest daughter Deirdre freed him from his Oak prison and when his eldest daughter Solfeige would become known as King Arthur Pendragon by hiding her true gender and pretending to be a man wielding Excalibur. 

When Medina had disappeared because of their curse, the family became devastated and Nathaniel would push Solfeige to her limits until her fall after battling Mordred. When being rowed to Avalon with Nathaniel, Deirdre, and Merlin, Deirdre swore to never search for her father because of the selfishness he had in his heart. After this, Nathaniel would be alone once more and traveling through time. 










Medina of Cairo (1,938 years old)

Birthdate: Unknown

Background: Medina was originally from what would later be known as Cairo born to a couple who prayed to the Gods for a child of any kind to make their family complete. When Medina was born, she would be silent and remain mostly this way for most of her life. Her parents would encourage her to worship the gods and thank them for her existence and she would do so with honor and be blessed by them to connect with them while many would not actually have such a connection. Growing up, Medina would openly speak to people about her connections and help give people a better chance of life and make their quality of life on Earth better. News would spread around Egypt of Medina and her wisdom from beyond and she would grow to be respected in her community. People would travel from long distances to come see her and her mature and calm presence including the woman who would become Pharoah of Egypt at the age of 18- Cleopatra. Cleopatra would sire Medina to come serve her and Egypt and of course Medina could not say no to a royal member of the Egyptian family. Bidding her parents farewell, Medina would cast a spell on her home to make sure it would not be destroyed through time and preserved as she saw her future taking a darker turn. 

Medina would be able to study and grow with people similar to her, but not quite as special as she would. After Cleopatra had a dispute with a vizier of her's, she would make Medina her one and only advisor and personal handmaiden to reveal her fortunes to her. Medina would comply and despite Medina's news not always being good, she was able to always calm Cleopatra down. However, trouble brewed when Marc Antony would begin a relationship with Cleopatra and Medina herself would meet the man who would change her life forever- Nathaniel Lafayette. 

While Medina's mind was troubled over the future, Nathaniel eased her and convinced her to flee Egypt with him before Cleopatra's fall. Normally Medina would say something no to a request like that, but she instead agreed to it and left on the night of Cleopatra's fall during all of the commotion. They would travel through time together and Medina would be untouched by time because of a spell through a kiss Nathaniel would give Medina. 

When reaching what would be known as Camelot, Medina would become a mother to two daughters: One who would be known as a legend amongst men but fall harshly, and one who would shine like a bright star but die out too soon. They would be named Solfeige and Deirdre Lafayette. Medina herself would even cry to know exactly how their lives would be ravaged by Nathaniel's curse and sometimes question why she chose to marry Nathaniel herself and throw her children into the cruel world. Yet she would make sure to teach her children everything she knew- starting with her home, language, culture and the same of others she knew. She would do her best to instill the belief of respecting everyone and everything around them as much as she could. Medina would try to write everything she could for her daughters and teach them to reach out and embrace the gods they would come to meet. 

Time was indeed cruel as Medina would be taken away by time and thrown into another time period as she would for a long time. Never able to stay in one time period too long and leave her family. 

In our modern day, she is able to stay the longest and become a composer and music writer, hoping her family will hear her music and find her to be together once again. While her children believed their mother died, Medina would know that she would still be alive and well. 












Solfeige Lafayette (1,296 years old)

Birthdate: December 21st, 720 A.D.

Background: Solfeige Lafayette was born to two ancient and rather powerful people named Nathaniel Lafayette and Medina of Cairo. Three years older than her little sister Deirdre, Solfeige would be similar to her mother with her colder and harsher traits in her personality as Solfeige would train with her father to learn how to fight with swords as she always watched the knights around her homeland and hoped to be like them. However, she would also hold her mother's cold logic and view on things for most of her life and keep a watchful eye on her little sister who was mostly bedridden in her youth. 

Solfeige would come to know different knights in her kingdom and they would happily let her spar with them and give her tips on how to fight, seeing nothing wrong with it. When she was not around her father, she would tell stories to her little sister and learn things of her heritage with her mother. It was clear that Solfeige would be the one of two siblings to rise up to her family's curse of being thrown into greatness and crash after. After her mother's disappearance, Solfeige became colder to her sister and go into town more often under the guise of a male since she was becoming older and most were trying to pressure her to marry. However, Solfeige and her father would not allow it and she would continue training under the guise of a boy called Arthur. When seeing her sister befriending Merlin after freeing him, she couldn't help but feel a small sense of pride for her sister as she was happy Deirdre would get another chance to grow, hoping she would get to live longer than expected. Her wish did seem to come true.

Yet Solfeige's life would change when she would see people crowding around a sword in a granite stone and men trying to pull it from the stone- making a competition with it. Solfeige herself had dreams of being given the same sword by a woman in a lake, and thus took it upon herself to go retrieve it when the men would fail. While Merlin and Deirdre would watch, Solfeige calmly made her way to the sword while some men would laugh and joke about there being no way that this small lad could pull the sword from the stone. Merlin would silence them by saying that it mattered not the stature of the man, as long as he pulled it, he would be the tre king of Camelot. 

When she would pull Excalibur from the stone, the people around were in awe and disbelief as they would bow to their new "King". Merlin on the otherhand, knew Solfeige's true identity and take it upon himself to help her by being her advisor and a protective friend to keep her true identity safe. 

Solfeige would keep the name of Arthur Pendragon and grow intro a great warrior and hero. She would be the one accomplishing great things during her reign and sadly part with Lancelot and Guinevere after the affair the two shared even though in truth, she did actually love both of them romantically. After this, she would fall for Morgana and use a spell to change herself to an actual man for a night as the two would bed one another in grief and despair- concieving Mordred. 

After that night, Solfeige would reject anything that happened between Morgana and herself despite the powerful sorceress's pleas to listen about their child that would come. In Solfeige's grief and anger would demand Morgana to leave her be and leave Camelot. In reciprocated anger, Morgana would leave and raise Mordred to hate Solfeige. Mordred would grow up to be the only one who would come close to besting Solfeige in a battle.

During the fateful battle, Solfeige had noticed that Mordred was similar to her and when being told by Mordred he was her son, she would crumble internally and lose enough focus for him to almost kill her until Solfeige would kill him to counter his heavy blows. This would bring a large amount of pain, despair, and grief over her events that had passed and now having to kill her only child and not listening to someone that genuinely did care for her as very small amount of documents share that she would release an anguished cry before falling and becoming unconscious. 

Sir Bedivere would ferry him to the Lady of the Lake and throw Excalibur into the waters to see it be caught by the Lady of the Lake herself before Morgana, Deirdre, Merlin, and Nathaniel would come for Solfeige and ferry her to Avalon where Solfeige would heal until she would be needed again. 

In modern times, Solfeige seems to not recall her past, family, or anything having to do with Camelot and yet feels drawn to it. Solfeige would also be visited by her younger sister and father who would try to keep Solfeige from remembering her past in order to avoid any trauma that could resurface. Yet Solfeige is constantly seeking adventure and will find trouble. She will step in and protect people and carry on the old ways of chivalry as a knight would in the modern era. Solfeige mostly will be as she was when she was Arthur- kind, compassionate, courageous, and noble. 









Marzia Harcourt (25 years old in her prime)

Birthdate: December 25, 1465

Background: Marzia would be an Irish-born heroine that would see the same type of curse as Deirdre had with not knowing true peace for almost her whole life. Before Marzia was born, it was known that Deirdre's father Nathaniel made a blood pact with Marzia's father Peter Harcourt from an old Elvish ritual that would bind them as brothers in blood. This caused the two families to become related as Deirdre woudl try to keep watch over Marzia in hopes that she would be able to shield Marzia from the same cruel fate she and her family had. Yet that seemed to not be the case as Deirdre always seemed to find Marzia after it would be too late to change them. However, she did her best to try and help her cousin through her lifetime until Marzia would die at 45 years old and go down in history as a rather legendary figure of Ireland. Marzia's family sword was believed to be the Claiomh Solais which would later inherited by Hailey Parker who is her descendant. 











Hailey Parker (27 years old)

Birthdate: December 25th

Background: Born as a girl who grew up in a terrible household until being adopted by the Parker family, Hailey would become a talented ice skater in her youth until choosing to try and go into law when she became older. She would become a detective for the NYPD and adopt three children and mostly live a good life. Deirdre claims she was a cousin from her birth parents and does her best to protect Hailey where she couldn't with Marzia and try to give her as good of a relationship she can with Hailey that she can muster. Hailey later on learns of her assassin heritage and earns the right to wield her family's blade once again to help protect New York and protect it from evil. 

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Headcanons (OOC)

Hello friends! I wanted to make a little fun page of headcanons for Coninia! I wanted to use this to give useful little things about Coninia that may help you understand her better or visualize her better. So here we go! This page may have more added on to it, later on, so do feel free to occasionally stop by.

Thanks again,



  • Deirdre is one of my first developed characters and has been around in different RPs on Youtube, Tumblr, and other sites for at least 7 years of my roleplaying life. I retired her for two years to try and develop her more.
  • Her story is partially based off of the move The Sorcerer's Apprentice. I know it was not a film many found popular, but I did like certain concepts it had in it. 
  • Deirdre's name is indeed based off of the Celtic Myth of Deirdre of the Sorrows. In most of her lfie, she is supposed to endure through many sorrows. 
  • Her father- Nathaniel Lafayette was cursed to be a dragon and looked at as an evil creature. Technically, this makes Deirdre a half-dragon. 
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