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Notes on Death #B00050

Notes on Death #B00050

  • Gender: Female
  • Hair color: Pink
  • Eye color: Green
  • Age: Likely under 20.
  • Species: Human

These are the hardest. The girls that could be me. The girls that were me. I believe Lady Anna sends me on these for a reason. The suicides. I must be the perfect face for them when they step from their bodies. This missions are always easy. Invisibility to enter the house, the apartment, the car. And wait. I always arrive early. Every once in a while they change their mind. All signs suggest they will do it at this moment. The fates are aligned. I am even sent to be the greeter. And something happens. I have no clue what. Sometimes, they don’t. All my senses change and I’m no longer there to help them. This happens more than it should. Lady Anna says it is a gift, that I am lucky for the suicide people. My rate of this moment happening is higher than other Reapers. After they decide to live, and I know that this mission is over. I spend hours floating around them. Follow them from their spaces or home trying to understand. Tonight wasn’t those nights.

This girl was ready. Nothing about this moment was surprising. It could have been in some bad tragic novel. A bathroom. White tub. Dyed hair. Naked. They all think the bathtub will help the clean up. It should be true, but as she cut her wrist she, like everyone else, let her hand slip and hang out onto the bathroom floor. The blood was bright but quickly darkened as it filled the space and I take a breath. The cooper smell was different now that I was a Reaper. It was part of the job, but my undead body always seems to enjoy it. It reminds me of a good steak, and sometimes I find myself hungry. Tonight, I was starving for a burger and fries as I sat on the bathroom toilet waiting.

It was a job. And I was there to do it.

It took time between the moment the heart stops and the second the soul released. It always depended, some souls never left. Others stepped out in mid death. Sometimes, like tonight, the soul lingered. I could see it floating on the body like the water. I gave it time. The suicide ones never really want to leave. You would think that the death they killed for would make them to be excited to run into the next life. When this soul didn’t leave I was forced to take action. Nothing special. The same thing I have done before. Energy channeled and scythe form in my hands. Nothing like from a horror story. Not that it doesn’t have the power to go there, but I was in a bathroom.

The weapon was a tool. It was time to reap. Standing in the pool of blood, I knew the invisible spell was working as my foot prints didn’t mark the surface. With a flick of the wrist the scythe slide through bath and body taking with it the soul. A step or two back and the soul is dragged with tool. Hanging like a rag doll before me unable to understanding the situation. The weapon gutted through the body.

Almost transparent. The soul was becoming detached and as I released her she was able to stand on her own. The scythe held along side me. Every person was different. Ever reaper did it differently. This girl looked like she was waking from a sleep. Working on her eyes. I was waiting for her to yawn and stretch even. She could see me. Sometimes I didn’t need to talk. I was hoping this was one of them. Instead I just offered up a hand, the one without the scythe. I had done that once or twice. It never went well. I was too hungry for a burger and I wanted to get this over with.

The girl took it. This might be easy. I smiled and squeezed the girl’s hand and stepped forward. The girl turned her head slightly to the side. She was trying to bond with me, or understand. She didn’t need too. She wouldn’t remember me in a few moments. At least, that's what I believed. I really don’t know what happens after my job is done. There are whispers, rumors. Older reapers are supposed to know. I don't. The girl gasped, and before I could say anything she was gone. I knew she had gone where she needed to be. Her face as she faded wasn’t dark or scared. I only saw that once. That look of true fear. I still wonder about that.

Once gone, I always stand there. Only a few moments. As if I am afraid my job isn’t done. The body in front of me was growing cold and her soul gone now. Safe. It was just a job. But looking down at the corpse before her, I had so many questions about my own death.

But like always, I shoved them away and I head out of the place. I do have to thank whatever Gods that rebirthed me for some of these powers. Teleporting to the alley next to my favorite burger joint certainly makes it all worth wild. Now if it could put a few coins in my pocket so I could afford the burgers more, that would be nice.

I didn’t even get her name. B00050. She’ll become just another mission in my mind at one point, but while I ate that burger and stared at the empty seat across from me for a few minutes, I was creating a history about her. That night I had a full story about B00050. Nina. She just had a miscarriage and her boyfriend left her for a blonde. She loved to read books and had a beautiful singing voice. In my head, she could have been my friend. We could have ate ice cream and watched scary movies together if only she had not killed herself and become B00050.

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(( OOC Info - Species - Reaper ))


A spiritual organization designated by the Higher Beings to handle Souls on earth. They don’t know nothing about the after life. They work in small units lead by Leader. The Leader assigns task to the group. Each normally specializes in a type if recover.

Recover Types:

  • Hand Holder: The ones who guide the ones that die of normal things to the next world. The person who greets the elderly and sick. Guides them to the portal.
  • Convincer: Works with the harder cases. The sick not ready to die. The victims. The ones that are not ready.
  • Catcher: The one who catches the Runners. These are people that are harder than the sick. The ones that will do anything to stay out of jail.
  • Trackers: These ones find the ghost, the haunters, the ones that slipped past someone or out of somewhere.

While anyone can be assigned any job, a good leader assigns the correct job to the right person in the group.

How to become a reaper: Death. Sometimes when death hits certain people they are brought into the business. They are normally souls that are to young, or not ready. Souls that are met with an untimely death. Accidents that were not meant to happen. There is no true way to know when a Reaper is going to be created. A Leader greets them upon their death. The soul remains on earth mourning their death while slowly forming back into a human body. It takes around a month to go from a dead soul to a Reaper. During this time they move away from their comfort zones and found a group in which they will work in. It is not painful, but can be unnerving.

Life: They have 3 forms: human, reaper, and astral.

  • Human: Must live like a human, roof over head, food in stomach. 
  • Reaper: On the job, while there is little change between the appearance and feeling of human to reaper. There is need to shift between the two and while attacked in their day to day life the natural reaper side will care for them. While in Reaper form, senses and magic are heighten.
  • Astral: Un-killable Ghost like Lore Reaper. With no mass, this form is unable to interact with items. This form time sensative (tho last longer with Reaper’s Age). Killing Touch and other abilities stronger.

Reaper’s reap all beings.


  •  Super Strength: Above most supernatural creatures.
  • Short Term Invisibility: Allowing them to go into spaces they should not be or not being noticed by people. Hospital Death Rooms, Houses. It takes energy to do so. While it will not effect the overall health, energy, or abilities of the Reaper, after a while it will fade away.
  • Supernatural Seeing: See Ghost, Angels, Demons, Etc. Normally can tell the species of a being.
  • Teleportation: Instant Universe Jumping. A wisp of smoke (which is invisible if spell cast). Can’t enter warded areas. Simple wards can block them.
  • Cosmic Awareness: See the wheels of fate turn without really understanding it. Each have their own way of seeing the signal that someone’s life is coming to an end. They can see it coming long before it actually does so. They can sense changes in the world. 
  • Chronokinesis: This power comes with time(age of Reaper). They can stop time for a very short period. Freeze it in a sense. They can only interact with souls during this time.
  • Reaper Form: Astral Version much drawn lore. Ghostly, black or gray robes. More fog. Sometimes extremely scary looking. Grows more ghostly and creeper as Reaper ages. Astral Form is un-killable. It is ‘air’ but able to do abilities such as Killing Touch if touched by ‘hand’.
  • Set Age: They are the age they die. They may age some but normally aging is on maturity and growth of magical powers than things like wrinkles or weight.
  • Super Stamina: Only use of abilities, such as teleportation, chronokinesis,etc, will tire them.
  • High Resistances to Pain/Damage: Only pains design to arm celestial or reapers cause actual pain. All other damage to body is not felt.
  • Killing Touch: Allow to move forward the death clock. This does not mean they can kill at ease. Simply that if someone’s time is within a certain period they can speed it up. ( This grows more powerful with age )
  • Killer Touch 2.0: If someone slips their death, Reapers are allowed to set into motion the universe to cause their death. 
  • Killer Touch 3.0: Aged Reapers, such as Leaders or specialized Reapers, have the ability to set forth actions to cause the death of someone even if their clock suggest they have a long life ahead of them.
  • Flight: In Astral Form
  • Healing: Can remove disease or injury. This is rarely used and frowned upon.
  • Electromagnetic Interference: Use of abilities are known to cause interference with electronical items. Lights flicker. Raidos crackle. TV turn off or on. ( Can grow with Reaper’s Age to become Electrokinesis )
  • Possession: Reaper Form can enter a unsouled (dead) body for a short term usage. They abilities are that of the bodies along with their weakness. Can be killed by what would kill the body.
  • Heal-All: While working, their body will take damage but they will not feel pain. They heal quickly, including regrowth, outside of ‘work’ or ‘battle’. An arm make take up to a week to reform, longer to rebuild muscle mass etc. Wounds can heal while battling.
  • Lesser Spirit Control: Control over energies, spirits of non-humans, or old ghost that have become weak darkness instead of a soul.
  • Reaper Blade: This is a blade that forms in battle from the energies of the Reaper. (Can change or grow with age)
  • Magic: While they are not witches, they can over time learn magic if they wished. Like Spell Casting or Potion Making. It is not natural to the species, but able.
  • Scrying: Locate a person.
  • Omnilingualism: Ability to speak, read, and understand any language connected to their work.


  • Body acts like human outside of ‘work’. Needs human care. Eat, Sleep, Shower.
  • Higher Supernaturals: High Level Demons, Gods, Elder Supernatural Beings equal to their abilities are equal matches.
  • Magic: Can be trapped by Higher Being and enslaved.
  • Reaper-Celestial Weapons: Only thing that causes pain.
  • Possession: Dies like the body it possesses.
  • Damage: They can be set unable to continue to fight through damage to body. Left alone they will heal.
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