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Hi! My name is Mouse, I'm Cali's writer. I'm getting back into the groove of things, and I've decided for Cali's account, I will only be writing in direct messages or in discord. Here is one idea for a roleplay, we can adapt the story to fit in your character:

(I'll add more as I go on in this)



A gathering takes place of the four fae courts of the Middle Earth. The fall court has a new leader, (enter a character of choice), whose new rise of power irks the demented and paranoid summer fae queen as she questions if the fall (queen/king) is satisfied with their new power - or will they look for more in her summer court? She also refuses to appoint a new heir to her throne. A prophecy is spoken at the gathering and a looming threat to all of middle earth is revealed. Cali is appointed along with a partner to become an ear in the fall court on behalf of her queen

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