Richard Ardelean

Ratislav of Wallachia

638 years old, deceased at 48



v a m p i r e

 With a little extra sin.


Charming - Bold - Insatiable appetite

 Curious - Silver-tongued - Affectionate

Tenacious - Possessive - Impatient9876663894?profile=RESIZE_710x


Mortal life

1383, Wallachia, a place rife with war. The country now known as Romania was under the rule of the house of Basarab with many appointed nobles to control their territories. A mountainous region just south of Transylvania and north of what would later become the capital of Romania, Bucharest, is where this story begins. Just a few snaking roads made their way through the dense forests of the wild region infested with bears, wolves, lynx, and many much less natural threats. The people were heavily religious and superstitious, knowing that creatures not of this world lurked in the night. 

Ratislav did not begin his life as the monster he is in modern-day, the only heir to a warlord with his mother dying in childbirth; he was treated with the utmost respect and lived in the lap of luxury from day one as the peasants struggled to merely survive. His father hammered home the importance of glory in battle and taking things by force. To be strong and to be feared. Ratislav learned from the best sword fighters of the region, he learned strategy and how to command an army. While not initially sadistic in his ways, Ratislav had little care for peasants and upon taking the seat of power from his father their struggles would not improve.

Richard never did marry, though it’s certain he sired illegitimate children during his life, none were known to him. It didn’t matter, for he never planned to give up his seat of power willingly.


Death, and Undeath

1431, a mere five years until the legendary Vlad the Impaler's predecessor, Vlad Dracul, would take control of the region. The country’s rule would change hands no less than eighteen times within the fifteenth century. Had Ratislav not met his fate, he may well have taken the throne himself. War was on the horizon and Ratislav prepared for it, unknowing it would be his final battle as a mortal man.

With such strife and unrest for many years, supplies waned and the smiths of the region could only work so fast creating and repairing armor and weaponry. There were words on the wind of an enchanted sword that would promise a victory in the upcoming battle. Stories of such a blade were mixed, though most told of a powerful sorceress trapped inside. Upon witnessing the blade, Ratislav was entranced, paying the merchant that brought it to him a great sum of gold without realizing the state the man was in. The sword had sent the merchant mad. From the moment of touching the hilt of the legendary weapon, a voice echoed throughout Ratislav’s mind demanding freedom from her steely prison, but Ratislav had plans and was not about to bargain with an inanimate object. 

The day of battle came, leading his army Ratislav appeared to be on the verge of victory once more until a sharp pain shot through him, or rather, a sword had placed the perfect blow in a gap of the warlord’s armor and forced its way between the man’s fifth and sixth rib piercing his lung. Upon seeing their great warrior leader fall, Ratislav’s army retreated, leaving the Wallachian lord dying slowly on the cold blood-soaked ground. Hours passed, the battlefield emptied, leaving only corpses, scavengers, and those on the brink of death. As his lungs slowly filled with blood, Ratislav looked at his sword, with the sorceress in the sword looking right back. Those yellow eyes filled with sadistic amusement at the fallen warrior that had initially declined her demands. Fearing what waited for him upon death, Ratislav made a deal with the eyes staring back at him; Her freedom on the grounds she saved him from death. Deal. 

With his very last strength, Ratislav raised the sword above his head, coughing up a few specks of blood whilst doing so, and struck the sword over a rock shattering the blade into pieces and freeing the dark soul trapped inside. Ratislav didn’t see the afterlife that night as agreed upon, however, his heart no longer beat. Ratislav was not dead, but undead. Stuck between the two worlds, a cursed creature that burned in the sunlight and would be a scourge upon the living; a vampire.



From monster to civilized

Ratislav would eventually return to his castle, the very place he sat already being fought over by his lessers. Furious his army would abandon him in battle, even though he had fallen, Ratislav flew into a rage. His entire court, torn limb from limb by the ravenous vampire. With each person’s blood drained, the vampire learned their memories and saw their treachery was always on the horizon, it was only a matter of time. 

Reinvigorated, the vampire became the terror of his land feeding on whoever dared approach his castle, and often those that didn’t even try. Many locals fled the region in fear and those who stayed grew superstitious and carried symbols of their god with them at all times which seemed to deter the creature. When word reached the Order of the Dragon, an order of knights sworn to defend the cross and fight enemies of Christianity, the castle was sieged. Greatly outnumbered and weak to their holy weapons, Ratislav fled his castle and Wallachia. He would never hold as much power again, though he would never simply lay down in defeat. 

With his name carrying such weight, a new one had to be developed. Taking the name Richard Ardelean the vampire would travel the world remaining undetected by most, and those that did discover his true identity or what he was, were soon silenced. As the years progressed, as did mankind and the technology they created. With each victim, Richard learned something new, reading their blood like an autobiography. The vampire found he could learn an entire language through someone’s blood, how to sail a boat, and in more modern times how to drive a car. The victims he prayed upon went from lesser beings to intriguing creatures. His need to blend resulted in him being quite fond of good conversation and company, though the warlord he once was still burned in the back of his mind. He still found pleasure in striking fear into mortals and watching them grovel at his feet.


From darkness to absolute depravity

In the modern world, Richard thought he had all he could ever want, but that former self still burned in the back of his mind, haunting him at every step. On his own, he could not risk rising to the power he once had, too many now knew how to put a swift end to his kind. He grew comfortable in his secretive ways, though temptation lurked around every corner. This particular temptation came in the form of a pale figure in a crowd. Intrigued, he approached, lured by the promise of blood far beyond what he’d ever sampled before. A weak spot the creature knew how to exploit. That creature? A demon by the name of Mammon. Son of Lucifer. For some time Richard was little more than a slave to the demon’s cruel antics, showing him some mercy only to apply pain tenfold. There was a method in his madness, however, drawing out that sadistic creature imprisoned in the vampire’s mind. 

Eventually, Mammon revealed he had known Richard since his days as a mortal man, even disguised himself as such to observe the warlord closely. The sheer brutality and skill in battle was the perfect choice to lead the demon’s armies. The first choice. The demon’s favourite. When Richard had fallen at the sword, the demon assumed the soul was lost forever, in a sense it was, however the body and consciousness lived on. Growing in power over almost six centuries apart. Richard was presented with an offer; devote himself to Mammon, lead his armies, and in exchange he would take away the crippling bloodlust that drove his unnatural life and give him more power than he’d ever experienced before. Without hesitation, Richard accepted.







There are rules, you know

  • The vampire cannot enter sunlight, for they will be burned alive.
  • The vampire detests the symbol of God and cannot gaze upon it, for it is a reminder they have turned their back on death and their own salvation in the afterlife.
  • The vampire requires the blood of the living to extend their unnatural lifespan.
  • The blood of the dead is detested by the vampire.
  • The blood of the sick is poison to the vampire and will induce vomiting.
  • No mortal may pierce the vampire’s skin without divine intervention.
  • Blessed items are corrosive to the vampire.
  • Fire cleanses sin and burns the vampire, though it will not kill them.
  • The vampire cannot enter a holy building or risk bursting into flames.
  • The vampire cannot generate their own body heat, a constant reminder they are dead.
  • All food the vampire consumes will become but ash in their mouth.


Well, aren't you special?

  • Richard can know a man’s memories, inherited skills, and knowledge through blood alone. This however does not extend to supernatural powers.
  • Richard can scale walls like a spider, even if there is nothing for him to grip onto.
  • Possessing inhuman speed, it can almost give the vampire the appearance of being in two places at once.
  • Bearing strength beyond that of an ordinary vampire, thanks to the demonic blood gifted to him.
  • Victims may hallucinate and dream when being fed on, this can be addictive to mortals and offer them a strange high. It comes at a price, too often, and the mortal will die from blood loss.
  • A master of disguise, Richard can hide within the bodies of his deceased victims, even mimicking their voices. The only part he cannot mimic is their eyes, for their eyes are the window to the soul.
  • Richard can transform someone into a vampire without the use of his own blood, however, it’s rare, and most end up deceased or mindless ghouls.
  • Richard's body may burst into a swarm of bats to make a quick escape from a situation, though it's rare he uses such a power. 
  • The vampire can locate anyone he's fed on that is actively bleeding, it's a convenient way of summoning him.
  • Richard can heal a wound by pinching it shut, convenient for feedings. This only extends to soft tissues, he cannot heal bones or extensive internal damage.  
  • Severe wounds can be healed by consuming blood.


Nice to eat you

Richard’s sexuality isn’t bound to a single gender, in fact, gender rarely is even a factor in whom he's interested. The vampire can charm just about anyone into bed, and often has as an easy way to feed. The real challenge is claiming his unbeating heart. Richard appreciates unique individuals, power, and anyone that can make him feel alive, though what that entails exactly changes between each individual. Those that don't fit the bill are quickly discarded without much care. The vampire can't stand to spend much time with people that fear him, while it's amusing to Richard it gets tiresome quickly. The only exception to this is if the individual has untapped knowledge, only then Richard may consider sticking around as a means to get what he wants.



  • It amuses Richard greatly when mortals and younger immortals fear him, though is intrigued by those that don’t. 
  • Richard's sadism fluctuates. While he does show mercy in some cases, his inner warlord and rage come through more often since his new calling.
  • Richard fears death, or more accurately, what waits for him after death. Perhaps his only true fear.
  • Richard has been known to be cannibalistic, drinking the blood of other immortals. If anything, it’s to learn from them and enjoy their unique flavor. He considers it a bonding experience. 
  • Richard is hesitant to share his blood, for he has the memories of thousands of people that are now a permanent part of him. It’s been known to send people mad. 
  • The man is a shameless user of dating apps, he can often be found scrolling through people like a dinner menu. Fast food, delivered right to your door.
  • Because he gained the knowledge of the language through blood and not traditional learning, Richard speaks languages perfectly and without an accent. 
  • Unlike many of his kind, he does indeed have a reflection.
  • Richard has a housekeeper named Magda, she also originates from Romania. Despite what most think, the woman isn't enthralled by the vampire, she's just paid well enough.
  • 'Ratislav' means 'Glory in battle'. 'Ardelean' is a region or Romania. His name is not far off the one he went by originally.
  • Richard is something of a masochist, pain makes him feel alive, among other things.
  • Richard has not dreamed since becoming a vampire until recently, though rare, he now has nightmares.
  • When enraged, his irises will hint a slight fiery glow. 
  • While blood is his main source of nourishment, nothing stops him taking a bite out of his victim's flesh and consuming that too.

Richard's Rules and Information


Status: Slowly coming back, bear with me. 



  • Two to four paragraphs are best, I can do more but it takes me considerably longer.
  • I use a spell and grammar checker because I'm mildly dyslexic. I try my best, but there will inevitably be some errors. If something doesn't make sense, please ask me about it and I'll correct it.
  • Anything from gore to fantasy, to romance to 18+, is fine with me, if there's something you'd prefer I avoid in our threads please, please let me know. I want to respect all writer's boundaries. 
  • Inbox is best. I have the site muted so I don't realize when people use the chatbox.
  • I go through writer's block a lot, bear with me.


Character Interaction

  • You can beat Richard to a pulp, I encourage you to do so, but don't kill him. I feel that goes without saying.
  • I don't expect all vampire characters to follow the 'vampire rules' Richard has. We'll just call it different bloodlines.
  • If you want Richard to turn your character into a vampire please discuss it with me beforehand, I don't make heavy decisions like that for your character. 
  • He might seem a little OP initially, but Richard's weaknesses are easy to exploit. If you need ideas should your character fight him, I'm happy to help.
  • You can interact with Richard at any point in his undeath, I'm not limited to the modern-day.
  • Fantasy settings are also acceptable, I'll adapt his story to not include any real-world places. 



  • Hi, my name's Victor (or just Vic). Nice to meet you.
  • If you ask nicely, I'll show you pictures of my dog, his name is Arthur. 
  • As a disclaimer; I haven't really roleplayed, or written anything for that matter, in the past few years. I'm rusty, to say the least. I started back up near the start of October 2021.
  • Richard is my own character, though inspired heavily by various vampire stories and lore.
  • I used to roleplay as Valentine Grimm and Lucas Howlite, I'm always happy to chat with old friends.
  • I have good days and bad days, sometimes I can write a bunch, sometimes I can only reply to certain threads, and sometimes I can't write anything at all even if it says I'm online. Please understand it's nothing personal. 
  • Face claim: Claes Bang


Plotlines I'd like to explore

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  • Lucifer watched as the vampire stepped out. He wasn't in his usual skin but borrowing one instead. Since he was no longer tied by blood, this would have to do to be able to stand before Richard. While there were no words immediately, all Lucifer does is follow Richard with his gaze. Amused at him playing dumb and working his way towards the other side of the table. It was evident what he was planning, which is why the devil remained silent. Oh, how his presence seeped out to meet Richard, gripping him in every way possible but mindful not to be too alarming. Killing him where he stood would be such a waste and the wrath that came shortly after is not something he is looking for.

    As Richard erupts into that many small rodents, Lucifer is left watching. Still amused in the midst of it that he is then at the window when Richard has made his escape.
    "What am I to do with you leech?" The words rolled off his borrowed tone, but his voice was still that of the fallen one.

    Pursue, that's what he does, spilling out the window as if he were plummeting to his death. With a force catching him and a shadow sprouting behind his person, wings but invisible to the eye. A fair image of them could be seen if one were paying any attention to his shadow. Sound, that too was key evidence that he was using methods unknown. Thick sounds that were no doubt from wings, large and intimidating if anything.

    Lucifer slammed into the side of buildings, raining down rubble that passerby could not figure what was causing this. Their gazes shooting up but caught nothing but midnight. Lucifer's laughter fills the air and Richard is able to catch it when he jumped the first human that got in his way. Draining him, possibly to death. It would seem that the vampire was famished, Mammon must be working his little toy to the bone. Or maybe more. Lucifer scoffs just thinking about it, but it does little to hinder the humor he was harboring. Richard had just made this exciting. How long has it been since Lucifer took to the skies and hunted down his prey?

    "Far too long..." he answered his own thoughts as he came around the bend and spotted the vampire down below. And like a large predator, clips Richard before he can make his next escape. As Lucifer was descending hard, he slams his heels into Richard, sending him flying into whatever was in the way, be it a car, building, or some other debris. And if the vampire wished to get up, another kick would be delivered, just to keep the vampire down.

    Keeping the vampire down, Lucifer stalks towards him, taking him by the neck. He'd be lifted with little to no effort before slammed into the nearest news board and right through it into the building behind it that awaited. The brick behind Richard cracks, dust covering his shoulders and sticking to his wet hair. Using his other hand, Lucifer takes the vampire by the jaw. Lucifer sneers, "I don't see the appeal." he would mutter before flinging the vampire aside, right into a car, which, is put off track from where it was parked. "If you're hoping for him to save you. You're going to be disappointed. Like before, you've been separated by a ploy. Unsuspecting you two are." he confessed with a grin.

    "You must be asking yourself why?" He took Richard by the ankle and then lifted him so that he was hanging upside down. Beaten close to a pulp but the vampire was more durable than that, so he was fine no doubt. Perhaps, just perhaps, he was in a bit of a panic, more so than what he was showing back at the loft. "I've come to collect, both you and soon my son. I think I've let him play around for long enough. And you leech, are the bait." And there it was, the truth of what was happening. But there was something that wasn't being accounted for and that soon would steer an ugly head in all this 'thought out' plan of Lucifer's.


  • It had only been days since he last cut communication with both his son and those close to him. Just when he thought that all was going accordingly, this happens. Before him stands a beast, proclaiming that he has failed his king and that king is not amused. With a hand gesture, the demon loses more than just favor but his head as well. To his right, Satan and his left, Beelzebub. Neither of the two is amused and in fact, they turn their attention to Lucifer, sitting between them. 

    "What are we going to do now?"

    It might as well have been either because both need to know where they were going from here. They needed the devil-spawn back and it didn't seem that was happening, no matter what they did, Mammon seems to find his path again, if not a better one. At every turn, it seems. 

    Satan turns more on his seat, hands gripping firmly at the arms of his wing-back chair. Beelzebub notices the sudden change and tilts his head as he both watched and listened. Beelzebub wasn't going to bring up his own idea till Satan shared what he had on his mind. Thus far Lucifer has been blocked and it was beginning to grate on all of them. If they were going to step out of this prison and find that freedom they so seek, Mammon was to deliver. 

    "I don't think these things that have been occurring has been Mammon alone. There seems to be a whole force behind him. And my question is: Is he allied with this force?" Satan asked.

    "I think your question is: Does he know of this force?" Beelzebub chimes in with his own suspicion on that.

    At the same time, both look to Lucifer, the fallen one who was contemplating in deep thought taps his fingers on the arm of his chair. This wasn't something he hadn't thought about, in fact, he has had his own suspicions but never thought about bringing it up until he was entirely certain. Now that things have become like this, he nods. 

    "We capture the vampire. Drag him here and use him as a bargaining chip," Lucifer said as he sank back into his seat, casually draping both his arms on the arms of the chair.

    Beelzebub and Satan look at one another before turning to Lucifer at the same time. Neither is hesitating, but after another glance, they decide who will speak up. 

    "Who do we send?" This was a matter that needed careful planning and they couldn't afford to send just anyone. They had heard what had occurred, the pact that had been made between the two. Richard wasn't just a vampire anymore, lured by blood anymore. He was changed and that was a problem but an advantage as well.

    Lucifer rose his hand in gesture. He would do it and it was going to have to be something quick. Their travel to the mortal world is rather short and until they can complete what they have been planning, there was no permanent stay. It can't be said if Beelzebub and Satan were keen on Lucifer doing this himself, but if they wanted it done right, they were going to have to do it themselves. 

         Luring the Vampire

    A man wakes in the midst of things, he cannot remember and he's bleeding at the crown of his forehead. Fingers dip at the wound and he winces. His vision begins to blur and he stumbles where he stands. Immediately, he catches himself and dusts himself before composing himself. 

    "This will do." He said as he turned to the broken window to his left. Lucifer had possessed a devoted follower. They are never aware and they never wake up, leading to an untimely death. Sacrifices need to be made and they should be honored. Not that the fallen angel cares how many of them he did kill. They deserved it and much more. Still, the angel upheld that despise towards humanity, God's favorite...what a joke.

    He had to be quick about this because once his presence is felt it will be catastrophic in every possible sense. 

    Leaving the unsavory residence, Lucifer made haste towards a part of the city that he had remembered. The last time he was here was...this building. He stood there looking up at the multi-story building. It didn't look like much but it was the place of residence. Magicks that Mammon surrounded himself with was thick here. And it was Magicks he taught him, shame on the boy for not altering any of them. This was going to make this job fairly easy. And so, Lucifer waltz in and takes the lift to the top floor of that residence. As the doors open, he steps out, arms at his sides, calmly looking around. 

    He didn't expect Mammon to be here but he did the vampire. Mammon had been keeping himself busy, building up the army that he would use against his own father. Laughable but bittersweet.  The boy prized his toys and kept them at home, "Oh vampire―" he calls out with a mocking tone. One that he had shared fairly close with the vampire one time. It was no doubt going to cause alarm and chills to course throughout the leech.

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  • The supposed former Sorceress it was then glanced to Richard as a brow arched in question, and just how did he know who she was, not surprised at her name or actually seeming to know she was Morganna le Fay and not Morganna Pendragon as she had been known formerly. Shrugging to herself the now fledgling vampire just let it go, answers may come later or it may not, though she paid attention as he rubbed his hands together. 

    Looking back to him after she had glanced around Morganna waited for what he would say, it seems be was as eager to teach her as she was eager to learn, and she was. Eager that was. She was going to enjoy this. As she listened Morganna had a smirk slowly spread across her features as her sapphire hues gleam with an evil tint. "Oh I plan to, tis a pity those whom I wish to murder are much to out of range.." Her two main victims she wanted? Arthur and Merlin themselves of course. And she might've spoken true, depending on how much time had gone by between her supposed death by Excalibur to Richard biting and draining her blood until now, her two she wanted might be too far for she to murder first. 

    Although that might not have actually been a bad thought. If her first bloodlust she wouldn't be able to control, then she might not want to go after them just yet, oh yes she's definitely want to have control over her bloodlust when she made her meal on them, so it would be even more enjoyable. Blinking Morganna left her overeager thoughts as she planned the future to look to Richard, almost picking it up in his voice that his words might've shocked others. Was he the one now shocked? 

    Regarding his next words and as she glanced to the moon in the sky herself she considered everything carefully, looking back to Richard she frowns. The unknown the fratiand wonderful unknown, there was something unknown for everyone..  Narrowing her eyes as she thought it all over she nodded, perhaps another time she would test her resistance to the sun, either she could or not wouldn't stop her.. "Yes who's to say..." Morganna more or less repeated his words before she fell silent and heard his last statement. Blinking she nodded simply. "Baby steps.." she agreed as she looks away considering.

    Licking her lips as she felt the need for blood seem to grow stronger, sapphire hues narrowing as she plans. "They're too far perhaps.. pity, oh well, I have another in mind and I can save them for later... Gawain is still alive, I remember and he isn't far.. "

    Though Morganna spoke out loud she was speaking mainly to herself, as she made her deciusbe looked back to Richard as she grinned. "I know who I want.."

  • Vurr over here like..  w h y


    And yet he keeps letting him in. 


  • 👀


  • Sapphire hues flashed as they narrowed, hearing him the Sorceress merely smirked. "Oh you have no idea..." Morganna answered though he had meant it mostly for himself, but it was true though. He had no idea just how feisty she was, or what lengths she would go for vengeance against Merlin and Arthur. Once and Future King? If they said so.


    As he reached out to grasp her chin and tilt her head up and to the side, not quite sure what he was doing but she didn't have much choice. Though she realized the wound from Excalibur was nothing more than a scar, and her eyes widened in surprise, even as his grasp on her chin was released. Curious and wondering what next she watched him as he continued to look her over. Hearing his words the Sorceress took them for what they were; a warning. 


    Nodding simply as he moved to his feet, and accepted his hand so she could ride to hers, to now stand slightly beside him. Inclining her head she nods. "Yes.. I gathered.. it's an uh pleasure, I'm Morganna. I suppose I am.."


    A brow arched slightly at his last sentence, how  positively thrilling as she learned that most simply died or became mindless ghouls, as she didn't take much reassurance from that. Shaking her head was her only response. "Then I suppose I'm glad to be one of the few... I don't want that to happen..


    Frowning as she looked around swallowing as her throat almost burns, hungry she was so hungry. "What... What do I need to do? What's next?"

  • Faust would have a look of pure amazement as he was whisked away from the grand hall and straight to the bed room. He would look at Richard for a moment only to smile slightly.  He could practically see the hunger coming from Richard. His own eyes showed lust and love as he looked into Richard's. He would then bite his lip seeing that he locked the door, and when he returned to him he could feel sparks flying.


    Faust would feel that clawed hand against him as they kissed. The thought of it being so close to his skin made his blood run hot. He would then slowly run his hand against Richard's chest and slowly tugs on each button from his shirt off.  He felt every caress and how close he was to-- this vampire was a tease and Faust knew it.


    He knew that their clothes needed to come off, but out of sheer will, or lust Faust would grip Richard by his shirt collar to roll themselves around until he was atop the vampire, his body pressing against his and his clothed butt pressing against-- let's just say Richard wasn't the only tease as Faust would slowly undoes his shirt and pulling it off and casting it aside.

  • Faust would smile slightly as he stared into Richards eyes while chuckling softly. He would then nod his head glad that he does have Richards attention. He would then slowly let the music take him in the dance while leaning in face to face. "Thats all I ever want, and I am happy."  


    Hearing that they were causing a scene he would merely shrug as he would then chuckle for a moment. "It doesnt matter to me, if they do not approve than that is on them. If it were up to me I would-- stand bare in front of you and I still wouldnt care."  He would say with a slight blush for a moment. He would then chuckle slightly trying to get rid of the embarrassment from what he just said that he would do. 


    He would then blink for a moment at the mention of Valentim, he would glance to where he once was only to have a look of confusion under his mask.  He would lift up his mask for a moment only to part his lips as he was about to say something until he looked up at Richard only to gasp softly from the kiss. He could hear the awes and shock in the main hall, he didn't care. He would hold the kiss only to deepen it. He would then slowly pull back only to take a deep breath as he would then lick his lips.


    "...Maybe we should call it a night, I think we should also consider Valentin's offer in taking a room. So that we could-- have some privacy, wouldn't you agree? After all, my virginity isn't going to lose itself now is it?"

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