Writer's Favored Genres:

  • Fantasy
  • Dark Fantasy
  • Fantasy Violence
  • Modern Fantasy
  • Adventure
  • Slow Burn Romance(Eh)

Writing Style:

  • Multi-Para to Novella Style.
  • Character fits into most verses. 
  • 18+ as writer prefers dark and sinister plots, laced with bad decisions and unhappy endings.


About the Writer: 

  • Replies are slow as I'm far busier than I'd like to be. (1-week eta)
  • Will only write with a solid plot laid out. Winging things leads to dull stories.
  • Eshir was meant to be a subordinate character. Willing to plot as such.
  • This is my main place of writing now, but I have been located on other sites too.
  • Allows other characters to shape his own through writing.
  • Reserves the right to decline any threads. Nothing personal. I'm here to write, some characters just won't mesh well with Eshir; that is how my decision is made. Don't get your feelings hurt.
  • OOC and GIF friendly - Also Banter friendly even if we don't have a current thread.
  • Prefers comment section over inbox but can be flexible. 

Possible Plots:

  • Someone finds Eshir's lamp, therefore, becoming his master.
  • Eshir achieves freedom from the lamp's restraints. (Further down the road)
  • Thinking...

 Eshir Music Settings / Inspiration:

Working on this later



Name: Eshir

Pronounced: (Esh-ear)

Djinn: 554 Human Years Young

Current Thoughts: "Was wish-granting ever a thing?"

Defining Features: Permanent, thin, ring-like bracelets upon both wrists. 

Location: Spring Break Central / Florida

Currently: Cursed by the lamp, Eshir has been guarding his shock collar with all his power. Life for the Djinn has settled down now since he's found the perfect spot where most wouldn't dare to search for his treasure. He roams largely crowded cities but only stays in each location for a few months before he's back on the road for a new residence. 

Curse of the Lamp: As luck would have it, Eshir doesn't remember who tied him to his lamp. As swiftly as realization had hit him, the Djinn was tossed into his new life and into the hands of a wicked man; one of Dubai's wealthiest. Under his rule, Eshir did wicked things but also endured his share of cruelty. Stealing his own lamp, Eshir made a break for freedom and succeeded. He from then on learned to guard his prison with his life or bear the burdens of someone else. He has since been a free man, and a bit of a loner. Eshir's main goal? Free himself from the confines of the lamp, but for one to be free, another must take their place...

Talents: Eshir has basic Djinn abilities including passage into and out of his magic object; his lamp. He can also phase through objects and bring certain inanimate objects to life for a period of time. Aside from basic supernatural strength and speed, Eshir can also wield and manipulate fire. This is his main and most mastered skill. Most of Eshir's abilities are heavily suppressed by his restraints. Once he is freed from his lamp, he'll gain his full power. In addition, one could unchain him from his lamp, allowing temporary freedom, but eventually, he will be forced to return without someone to take his place.

Relationships: Eshir is a loner and doesn't often make connections. Having an attitude problem and moving place to place often has kept his contacts list small. (I will update this as more stories progress)

Single - x0 Interests - Pansexual


 Yes, I know my Add Friend button is missing. I misplaced it. I'll get around to that too.

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Character Gender


Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Multi-Para, Novella

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, 18+, Adventure

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  • I am a lot of people. And I'm active on all of them. Each one a personality different from the next.

    Lucifer is his father and they are at war. He's yet to even begin that battle. It's a process.

    When you say Genie, you mean what?

    Mammon does deals but promises for freedom, that's hard to say.

  • Oh, really? What was the name? I wonder if I ever saw you around and just never noticed a Djinn! You can still find my profile on Rolepages, but I dont recommend it because it is outdated and honestly embarrassing, lol. I was pretty active for a time back then, especially in chat. Did we ever interact?

    We can work with The Order - no pressure. I am happy to think of something that will be fun for the both of us. I'll take some time to think on it.

  • I am a lot of people. And I'm active on all of them. Each one a personality different from the next.

    Lucifer is his father and they are at war. He's yet to even begin that battle. It's a process.

    When you say Genie, you mean what?

  • Thats cool, I'm excited to see another Djinn! Scarlett has been around for a few years now from back on Rolepages. I feel somewhat rusty with her since it's been some time but I am easing into it.

    I look forward to seeing your profile grow!

    Same here. I'm hoping to pick up a few threads slowly to adjust back into Scarlett.

  • Mammon, no. The writer, yes.

    All the same.

    We can think up something  eventually for a thread. It all depends in what sort of direction you want to go.

    Characters come to us on a whim. They are either fleshed out immediately or the process takes longer. Mammon came to me one evening, so, here I am.

    Don't worry about how fast you are. I take a while too. So no worries in that department. 

  •  Thanks for the invite.

  • A fellow Djinn?! Hello!

  • Thank you for the invite!

  • Leaving my profile a bit plain until I get some threads going to shape Eshir.

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