No Good Deed (closed rp)

Maddox Mystwood, one of the Archons of Aternia and master sorcerer, absent-mindedly hums to himself, tugging at his midnight blue and gold travel robes while staring out the immense windows at the sprawling city below. It had been a long trip from his home province of Moonset to Iona City but it had given him time to think about everything he had to discuss with the Queen. For the past four months, Moonset had been beset by what could only be described as terrorist attacks; a crashed freight train one day, then the Vitae Stones that fueled a cargo airship were damaged the next. The attacks were crippling their industry and preventing the rest of the kingdom from receiving resources that only Moonset could provide. A fact which angered the Archon to no end but also made him very concerned; often such actions were preludes to war but as far as Maddox knew they were on good terms with all of their allies so he couldn't think of anyone who could possibly...

"Lord Mystwood, we'll be arriving at Iona Palace in half an hour." 

The unexpected voice jolts Maddox out of his thoughts, causing him to jump slightly before turning to the speaker, the young captain of his personal guard. He let's out a tired sigh, his fair face paler than usual, and runs a hand through his raven black locks but he's smiling as he replies, "Yes, thank you Captain Hinton." He reaches for the steaming cup of tea on the small side table to his right and takes a sip, steel gray eyes locking onto the steady stream of people and cars below them. Maddox felt on edge, a tension that was just beneath his skin like an itch you couldn't scratch, a terrible feeling that something awful was about to happen. 

Unfortunately, his intuition was soon proven correct as the airship was rocked by a massive explosion from the engines. Maddox and several of his contingent were thrown forward by the blast, the rugs doing little the cushion their falls, the teacup fly from his fingers and breaking against the nearby wall. There's a multitude of groans as they all get to their feet, Maddox himself being pulled up by a now irate Hinton. "That came from the engines!" 

The airships turbines sputtered and stalled for a brief moment before the klaxons began to sound and the warning lights began to flash. Maddox groaned and rubbed his forehead before giving the order to evacuate the ship. 

Meanwhile, the city below was in panic mode, watching thick black smoke billowed from the rear of the ships gondola and pieces of metal knocked loose by the explosion fell to the ground to below causing everyone to scatter. 

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  • “I’m the only chance you got!” As much as Gleeon understood their concerns, he made a crude attempt at ensuring everyone to trust him with evacuation. Luckily for him, the Archon somehow convinced everyone to go along with this plan, this would ultimately save him the hassle of having to drag people out by their feet.

    Now that everyone was agreement, the Aeromancer wasn’t far behind in sprinting down the corridor after Maddox. From there, he would assist with gathering every possible soul they physically find, ushering any and all passengers to the office upon announcing their intentions. Due to how few people there were, it didn’t require so much effort to herd everyone in one location.

    Shortly after returning to the office room, no time was wasted in forcefully opening the emergency doors, swinging them wide open, regardless if anyone helped. Once completely, a long huff escaped his nostrils when gazing over the edge, down at the vast city below.

    “Here goes nothing-”

    As ominous as the next scene would be… he jumped, instantly falling out in front of EVERYBODY. Below, there was a brief flash of yellow, but no sounds.

    Seconds later- that very same behemoth of a black serpent came levitating back up in all of his glory, ascending carefully. With the upmost care, said onyx-scaled Dragon hovered up close with the emergency exit, attempting to position his upper back right next to it so someone could easily step on. It was tricky, and he had to feel his way around to get himself in just the right spot so people could climb on.

    “If you have ropes, tie them around any scales!” Upon turning his head back for a moment, some instructions were given. This was so everyone could have a means of holding onto him during flight to avoid the risk of anybody falling off, which he wanted to prevent. If none were available, they’d just have to grab the feathers and hair on his spine.

    . . .

    As time went on, Gleeon ferried passengers and crew alike from their burning vehicle to the ground directly, having to set them down in a open parking lot. He continuously flew back and forth as fast as possible without crashing, time was of the essence to get everybody off before it would come crashing down. Each time the beast landed, more bystanders set down, same spot as before.

    During his last trip, the black eastern dragon returned to grab the last occupant: Maddox. Hovering in the exact same spot by the door, he’d wait for said Achon to climb onto him and get a tight grip. Once settled in, the massive reptile disengaged from his spot and began descending with Maddox, closing in on the same location where others were previously dropped off.

    Once there on the asphalt, he waited for the man to slide off, turning his head back to gaze down at him for a short-lived period. “I’m heading back up for one last check to make sure no-one got left behind, I’ll be right back. And… thank you for trusting me earlier.” The Asian reptile stated, slowly but surely hovering off the pavement.

    Soon enough, he rapidly ascended and soared his way back to the burning airship, staring upon it as the massive plume of smoke got larger as time went on.

    After checking the gondola, nothing was found. In case anyone had vacated to the exterior, Gleeon flew over to land upon the roof of the airship, quickly morphing back into his human facade. Once in mortal flesh again, said Draconic male ran closer towards the center of the roof, having to shield his face from the intense heat coming from a raging inferno not too far away. Little did he know… a brief encounter was to be had.

  •  Unfortunately for Gleeon no one could have missed his feral form, especially not the great shadow he cast through the gondolas windows. Maddox was the first inside to see Gleeon, watching first in shock at seeing a dragon and then in fascination as the young man shifted into his regular form and propelled himself to the windows with some form of wind magic. 

    Gleeon breaking the glass and climbing inside has Captain Hinton positioning herself between him and Maddox. Several others also immediately fall into defensive stances but Maddox is the only one not frightened, watching as Gleeon began speaking in an effort to help them all escape and the mage feels a burst of gratefulness to this stranger. 

    "Stand down, all of you." Maddox yells over the blaring alarms, moving around Hinton (but not before giving her a reassuring expression) and taking a few steps toward Gleeon before stopping a few feet away. Even if he was grateful, this boy was still an unknown factor and he wasn't about to trust him completely. The golden irises and pitch black sclera was indeed noticed but it didn't give him pause as he called out, "We don't have many people aboard so it shouldn't take you long to transport everyone!" 

    "Master Mystwood! We don't know this boy!" Comes Hinton's protests, her mistrust clear in her tone but Maddox turns back to her with a frown. 

    "Captain we have no choice! Would you prefer we all perish?" His voice turns pleading. "Isla we don't have time to be picky, everyone needs to be off the ship now! I need everyone to be brought here to the office, we'll be using the emergency doors in here! And I need you to tell Captain Greenwill to turn the ship around toward the empty fields outside the city and set it to autopilot! I won't have it go down on a city full of people!" 

    Hinton looks hesitate but after a moment she nods and begins shouting orders to everyone in the vicinity. Satisfied, Maddox turns back to their rescuer with grim but determined expression, "I will be the last to leave! This ship is fueled by magic and I can buy time if I keep it aloft long enough! I will be back!" 

    And with that the Archon turns and dashes out the office's double doors and into the hallways. 

  • For a couple of months now, Gleeon and the boys were struggling to find a safer home, away from persecution and experimentation in what felt like a very unforgiving world. Some proposed going off the grid while everybody else was flat out against it, too much of a hassle. At this rate, they were running out of ideas, and the clock was ticking.

    At that time of day, the group founder himself decided to venture out and retrieve some herbs from a location that was /very/ close to Aternia for certain potions. In order to traverse all that distance and avoid obstacles, he took to the skies- in feral form.

    For the past hour or so, the long, serpentine, onyx-scaled beast had been soaring through the air, keeping all four limbs tucked for less wind resistance. The eastern dragon kept his enormous body straightened out, both gold and black hues fixated on the flight path ahead of him. Nothing unusual was ever seen on this route, minus the occasional aircraft that he avoided to elude being seen since the territory was largely unknown to him.

    Spotting the large settlement below, said ginormous reptile decreased altitude and closed in on his intended destination, eager to pick a few specialized flowers, get a quick lunch from town, and take off again, nothing more.

    Yet the closer he got, the more visible an airship became. What caught his attention though was the rising plume of smoke, and that meant one thing: A fire. After having watched so many documentaries on aviation accidents back home, he was well aware on just how awful of a situation this could be. And so… the Warlocked made a decision: Try rescuing as many possible, if such a feat was doable.

    ‘Probably going to have a swat team hounding me after this, but screw it.’ He thought, altering course and quickly ascending toward the massive airship further ahead. There wasn’t much of a plan except for simply getting there and coming up with one on the fly.

    Upon reaching the gondola below, Gleeon hovered beside it, regardless if people saw him or not. Once close enough, he quickly morphed back into his human facade and used a jetstream of air to launch himself forward. Both hands grabbed onto the exterior, with one reaching down to grab a dagger. Soon, it’d be jabbed hard into a window, shattering glass so he could make an entrance.

    Now that there was a way in, the Aeromancer climbed inside the interior as winds howled. Having just entered the same room Maddox and his staff were in, the man spoke aloud, addressing the entire crowd in his immediate vicinity.

    “Listen up people! I have a way to get everyone off this balloon before it comes crashing down! I want everyone to gather around the exterior door and ‘climb aboard’ when you see me transform, you’ll know what I mean! Any children get priority! I’ll be taking groups of people at a time to the ground and coming back up!”

    Regardless if anyone saw his feral form just a moment ago, the black scleras in his eyes would definitely stick out like a swore thumb.

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