Threads and The End of My Character.

  I've disappeared a lot. On a lot of people, and I apologize for that. I've had time, but not inspiration. Amir has a lot of history and a lot of shit to him. All in all, he's a bit too complex of a character for me to play any longer. There are times I sit in front of the computer trying to think. "well, what would Amir do" or "I have no fucking idea how to reply." I had a knack for him back in the day but throughout the years I've lost 'the evil guy' persona and have really leaned towards something a little more comfortable for me to write as. With that being said, I plan on killing Amir off for good and playing his Next of Kin or child perhaps. This won't happen right away, I'll most likely be on here to chit chat for several months during the character building process. 

With this being said, I'm no longer accepting threads and no longer writing with anyone except for a select few that can bring Amir closure before I kill him off. This is nothing personal and nothing against anyone. I'll be happy to restart threads with any and everyone when my new character is created. 


- Writer or Amir

-  Derek

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