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Character Appearance

KiraKira is a brown skinned boy with a slightly muscular build, a Mohawk flowing down to his neck. He has a deep red which crushes souls for eyes and a small nose with large lips. He can usually be seen in Hoodies, with streetwear fashion. Being a fan of jewellery, he almost always has some type of piercing or necklace or earring on– even if you can't see it. Most by his look think of him as unapproachable because of the resting bitch face he has. He's known to smell like cologne just about all the time, and always keeps backup clothing incase of emergencies.

Character Personality

Kirakira can be described as a protective, Fiery guy. He's known to stand up for what he believes in– even if it means trouble. Whe being highly morally bound, he's definitely always looking for some fun. As he always says "bending the rules for a good time doesn't hurt anybody." While he is very strong minded, he doesn't find himself always voicing his opinions. He's more observant. People like to call him stubborn, but he disagrees. Kira works hard on the things he's passionate about, especially Hero work. He's known to get a little nervous with the things he cares for. Everyone who knows him knows he absolutely hates when people touch his hair. He has always made sure his hair was okay- and he hates when people disrespects it. He might want to become a hero, but he hates getting dirty. He's not afraid to do it, but he will never be okay with it. Kirakira is very focused on his studies, and even when struggling he doesn't find much room for other people to help. He likes to do things alone, but tries to cooperate when necessary. While he can be caring to friends- he can also be insensitive to people he doesn't care about. It causes him a lot of problems. Kira is known to be hot-headed, which can cause recklessness at times where calmness is necessary. Not to say he isn't patient– but when his patience finally blows over, it's pretty bad. That said, his emotional intelligence isn't as good as usual. He has a hard time expressing his feelings to people, even when he genuinely wants to. He also can't stand to look at someone with a bad hairstyle. When Kirakira stresses, he stresses badly. It can sometimes cause issues between his community and such. It's not hard to become and be friends with him, but adjusting to his behaviour all depends on the person. While he himself isn't easily influenced, a lot of people say his actions rub off on them. When talking to others, he's known to be confident. He's always going to shoot his shot if he finds someone attractive– whether that be by appearance or who they are. Even if he's rejected or not, he knows he comes out with more experience. Failure is a trajectory, he says. Trajectory in the path of a hero.

Character Likes

food videogames piano skateboarding fashion comics basketball soccer

Character Dislikes

coffee lemons astrology

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Character Inventory

water candy phone pen pocket knife

Character Abilites

QUIRK NAME Live Hair QUIRK DESCRIPTION This quirk allows Kirakira to control any of the sentient hair on his body. This hair can do things on its own, and he can manipulate it to the fullest. Lengthening it, shooting it like bullets, shaping it, etc. This quirk is great for handling multiple opponents, and has a good sense of versatility. It's very hard to sneak up on him because even if he doesn't react- his hair might. He's able to control any strand of hair on his body, whether it's it's hair, head hair or even hair on a moustache. This emitter/transformation quirk is a very hard to get around purely because there is hair on every part of the body. QUIRK DRAWBACKS Hair damage may cause him to be disoriented, and his quirk will be unusable for a while. Proper care is needed for this quirk. So if he uses bad shampoo or gets heat damage or something it'll be a bit weaker for a second there. As of now he can only lengthen his hair to 50 feet. EXTRA Different hairstyles affect how his hair is. Say if he was to put it in a ponytail– it would be better suited for flying. His hair often makes hands or letters itself to respond to others . He named his hair "Iven" Iven usually puts hands over Kirakiras mouth if he knows he's about to say something stupid. If he's manipulating his hair, it doesnt overpower him it does what he says all the time, and he decides if it's actually active or not.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, Novella

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Fantasy, Romance, Realistic, Anime, Rated R, 18+, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

im kahil. art n band kind of person and i dance too.

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