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Naoko's looks reflect the complex journey she has taken in life. Her brown skin and trim figure exude a determination and strength that is akin to that of a well-trained athlete. Even though she is physically strong, her brown hair, which falls to her chin, gives the impression that she is carrying some weight on her shoulders. But what really draws people to Naoko's eyes is the intense intensity of feeling that's hidden there. Her vivid emerald green eyes, often found closed and behind wire-framed glasses, have a subtle glitter to them, a long-lasting indifference that has become ingrained in her being. Her young features are hidden by this mask of apathy, hiding the potential brilliance underneath. The obvious indicators of fatigue beneath her eyes are the noticeable black circles, which bear witness to the long nights spent with racing thoughts and inner turmoil. She smiles, though, with a subtle nonchalance that belies the lingering sadness and reveals a hint of defiance. With that smile, she challenges the world to shatter her spirit and put her to the ultimate test. Naoko purposefully dresses to hide the patchwork of scars and dog bite marks that cover her body, choosing long sleeves and thrift store hoodies. Every scar narrates a tale and serves as a permanent memento of the struggles she has faced, both mental and physical. Naoko has a number of reasons for not caring what she looks like. She is now living with a deep-seated sense of uneasiness that is persuading her of her own insignificance through doubts and insecurities. The small matters of shallowness are not very important to her. Naoko believes that the grand scheme of life's struggles and hardships makes physical attractiveness insignificant. She has learned to concentrate her efforts on the battles that are actually important in a world full of confusion and challenges. Her personal conflicts have overshadowed any flimsy yearning for recognition or praise.

Character Personality

Naoko comes out as a sarcastic, uncaring person at first impression, frequently concealing her actual intelligence beneath a mask of puns and wit. Her quick wit and cunning comebacks act as armour, keeping the outside world at bay and shielding her vulnerable heart. Naoko's experience living in several foster homes has had a lasting psychological impact. She has trust issues because of the instability and continual moving. She finds it difficult to build true relationships because she is afraid of the hurt that comes from being abandoned. She consequently tends to keep people at a distance and doesn't allow them to get too close to her out of concern that they will eventually abandon her like the others.But beyond all of the defensiveness and sarcasm, Naoko is a very intelligent and perceptive person. Her witty wordplay and razor-sharp wit reveal her keen intellect. She often applies her intelligence to negotiate the challenges of life, applying critical analysis to events and depending on her fast thinking to get by.

Character Likes

- Naps

- The Outdoors

- Music

- Small Animals

Character Dislikes

- Dogs

- Closets

- Storms

- Sour Foods

Character History/Story

Naoko Filipe was born into an uncertain and chaotic world. She was left an orphan and at the mercy of the foster care system when she was a small child due to the tragic accident that killed her parents. Naoko, who longed for stability and a place to call home since she was a small child, was thrown from foster family to foster home. Even though she tried her hardest to blend in and be a model child, everything always seemed to work against her. She had been called a "problem child" because of a series of strange things that happened whenever she was around. Many times, the circumstances of these incidents were misrepresented, wrongly portraying her as the one responsible. Eventually, Naoko found herself assigned to Mr. Kawasaki, a man renowned for his unique ability to "fix" troubled children. At first glance, he appeared to be the solution she had been searching for all her life. Unlike previous foster parents, he didn't resort to physical abuse or raise his voice in anger. He always kept his demeanor low and calm, masking the true extent of his manipulation behind a facade of control. Naoko would receive harsh emotional abuse from Mr. Kawasaki, who would fiercely demand her thanks and her thanks for every little thing. Reminding her time and again of her debt to him, he persuaded her that he had saved her from a destiny worse than death. He threatened to expose Naoko to unspeakable horrors if she didn't express her gratitude. One such punishment was confining her for extended periods of time without food or human contact in a shed filled with the wreckage of past unsuccessful escape attempts. By letting his dog bite Naoko, Mr. Kawasaki added even more cruelty to his techniques. The physical suffering she endured did little but confirm her sense of unworthiness. Naoko, who was once intelligent and full of hope, started to turn cynical and uncaring as a coping strategy. She distanced herself from people, erecting emotional barriers to keep her tender heart safe. But somewhere beneath the layers of despair and desolation, a tiny flicker of hope still burned. Naoko, with all her snark and apathy, was determined to survive. So when Mr Kawasaki walked over to her with an invitation to a posh school, far away from him.. She took it.

Character Inventory

- Golden Coin - Worn First Aid Kit - Handmade Ocarina - Small Notebook

Character Abilites

- Coin Tricks - Sleight Of Hand - Fake Sleeping - Tree Climbing - Running - Playing the guitar and singing - Basic First Aid - Knitting

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Paragraph, Multi-Para

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Fantasy, Realistic, Anime, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adventure

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