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Character Age


Character Species

A nymph

Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

Rose is a 5'7 dark elf with darker pointy ears and has constellation tattoos all along her back. She has long blonde butterfly locs that is often in an up-do hairstyle followed by her signature flower crown. Her everyday wear is an all black pantsuit with black socks and white shoes.

Character Personality

Surprisingly, Rosaline is a very sarcastic a no BS type of person. She's not afraid to call someone out on their mistakes, even if they're someone close to her. Even so, there are times when her little act drops and she becomes nicer. She'll be soft and clingy but if she gets into this act often it'll only take one harsh critique to make her give attitude.

Character Likes

She prefers hot weather over cold, rainy days and overall just gloomy weather. She likes to meet pessimistic people because she finds them interesting. For some reason she is in love with spicy food despite the fact she hates peppers. If she gets the chance, she loves a good fight, the whole physical contact and rush gives her a real adrenaline boost. She is a whole-hearted BDSM supporter, she will gladly participate in anything as long as she knows the person well enough.

Character Dislikes

She really hates people that judge other people for no reason, she doesn't like being discriminated or even being around discrimination. She hates foul play, if you know you can't win a fight then don't even try. She doesn't really like dessert or bland foods. She also doesn't like trolls and will attack if they're present (either with words or in a physical battle)

Character History/Story

Rosaline was an orphan. Her parents had decided she was not fit to be in their family and cast her aside. She had been living on her own when she was met with another dark elf only a few years older than her. She and the elf (who she will not ever reveal his name) traveled and learned, side by side for years. She grew to learn how to love and care for all people. Even the ones outside her race, however her companion was killed by a troll on their way to a forest. (hence her dislike for trolls) She was 18 at the time and steadily moved on, gaining more and more useful experiences from scribes, fortune tellers and even merchants in the human world.

Character Inventory

She always has about 5 daggers hidden in her pack, as well as a first-aid kit, a few pairs of clothes, extra shoes and gloves. There is also a separate compartment filled with fresh apples, peaches and the occasional pear.

Character Abilites

Rosaline has about 3 things that really make her stand out. 1. Her Speed/agility (She likes to refer to herself as "wind" you can feel it but you can never see it move) 2. He ability to manipulate the shadows around her (They can only be around her and cannot be from far away, as well as expand only a few feet away from her) 3. Her stamina (She can run for hours on end without stopping but the moment she does, she'll have trouble regaining it)

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, One-liners

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Anime, 18+, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

(The writer's name is sunny! She's nice and has been roleplaying for only 2 years, and got introduced to this a while back and is just now making an account. She hopes to make friends with similar interests and hobbies.)

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