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December 13

I am open to new roleplay threads

Threads are Selective/Open

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Character Age


Character Species

Japanese male bobtail cat

Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

10960079686?profile=RESIZE_180x18010960081270?profile=RESIZE_710x10960085057?profile=RESIZE_710xJapanese male bobtail cat  Wearing Suit and pants

Character Personality

Main Personality: A very good but not innocent guy. William doesn't have too many bad traits to be honest. However he is an evil dictator who will punish criminals in cruel and dishonest ways. If you touch his stuff he will sentence you to death. Theres really not too much to say about it ok maybe a little too much. 

Positive Traits:Happy,Golucky,Skilled at anything,Charming,Positive,Very Good,Fatherly,Safe,Strong,Courageous,Imaginative,Funny(depends on your preference),Healthy,Smart,Peaceful,Believer in Justice,Interesting(depending on your preference),Kind,Invinsible,Independent,Authoritive,Friendly,Lucky

Neutral(can be good and bad at the same time) Traits :Autistic 

Negative Traits:Insane(mentally),Bored(Easily),Evil,Strict,Overprotective,Harsh,Cruel,Mean,Short Attention Span,Angered(Easily)


Character Likes

10960072261?profile=RESIZE_400x10960072462?profile=RESIZE_710x10960071494?profile=RESIZE_400x10960068673?profile=RESIZE_710x10960068873?profile=RESIZE_710x10960069487?profile=RESIZE_710xBeing Awesome,Going on dates with his wife,Hanging out with his Daughter,Playing Video games,Eating only healthy foods including meat,Exercising,Drinking healthy drinks,Being Manly,Drinking Coffee,Drawing,Being a good dad,Driving his bugatti Chiron, and His own country which he owns and is a dictator of(more info about it on Character History/Story)

Character Dislikes

anything bad,anything evil,criminals,Being sick,Unhealthy foods,Wearing anything girly,Doing anything Girly,His daughter getting anything except A’s and B’s on his report card,Getting fired,War,And corporal punishment(except as sentence for criminals)

Character History/Story

10960084091?profile=RESIZE_710x10960078673?profile=RESIZE_710x10960078266?profile=RESIZE_710x10960077499?profile=RESIZE_710x10960078058?profile=RESIZE_710xWilliam(as in Bill as in Billy as in Will) Jimmy(as in James as in Jim) Mitchell was born on January 1 2007 11:00pm and is the birth son and only son of John Jimmy Mitchell and Brenda Lee Mitchell. His Job is the Dictator of Air Force Islands which is a country with diplomatic relations with all countries 100%. The country borders all of antarctica and is located in Asia right next to japan. In his country corporal punishment will always be and only outlawed in the home,alternative care settings,and daycare but will always be legal in Penal Institutions and As a sentence for Crime and it’s safety ranking is safest place on earth with 0% crime rate. He is a christian. He goes to church every sunday. He drives a Bugatti Chiron. His birth daughter and only daughter is named Jess(as in Jessica) Jimmy(as in James as in Jim) Mitchell. He works out and exercises a lot and only eats healthy because unhealthy foods taste gross to him no matter how they are made. Oh i forgot to mention in his country the corporal punishment used as a sentence for crime and in penal institutions are Cane On Bare Back and glass on Bare feet and it happens to men,women,boys,and girls who are sentenced for any crime juvenile hall only for children 12-15 normal jail and prison for 15-rest of life death penalty for 17-rest of life and has Juvenile parole of maximum age of 15 on a prisoners 15th birthday they are released from juvenile hall. Anyways William is married to Tiff(as in Tiffany) Jess(as in Jessica) Wells. William is a good dad always being there for his daughter. He is an overall good guy and knows how to do his job right. He is just him. Thats all you need to know.

Character Inventory

  • 10960076698?profile=RESIZE_710x10960076080?profile=RESIZE_584x10960074267?profile=RESIZE_400x10960074869?profile=RESIZE_584x10960075074?profile=RESIZE_180x18010960074694?profile=RESIZE_710x10960073894?profile=RESIZE_584x10960073670?profile=RESIZE_710xGun(Shotgun) Car Keys Bazooka  Cane Water bottle filled with water Medicine bottles filled with medicine for his adhd and a.d.d A box of tissues Gun(Machine gun) 

Character Abilites

Excellent Shooting,Stealthiest person alive,Excellent aim,Being Able to Shrink any person down to size,Being able to change the weather outside,invisibility,being a good dictator,Super Strength,Strongest person alive,Being able to carry things and walk straight on two feet(species related),being able to talk(species related),Being able to change temperature,perfect driving,being a 16 year old permanently,and immortality(can still feel pain and get sick though)

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, Novella, One-liners, No-Preference

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Realistic, Anime, Rated R, Child Friendly, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

10960077296?profile=RESIZE_710xHi i am Rootthelucario aka Dylan Taylor Hauck and i love to make a lot of ocs,draw,play on my phone,playing video games,and playing on the computer.  I love to RP. My favorite video game genre is racing well ones where you race cars. I am overly obsessed with sanrio and pokemon. I play a lot of roblox and gta 5. I have always dreamed of starting my own country and being the dictator of it my journey will begin i don’t know when. First in the near future i’m gonna start my career in book writing and Video Game making. I love awesome things or things i find awesome. Theres a lot of movie genres i like which i won’t tell you them. I also love hearing other people’s opinions. I love watching youtube. I also love my mum and my dad. I’m a good person. I make multiple ocs but of course i already said that. Thats all you need to know.

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