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December 13

I am open to new roleplay threads

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Character Age


Character Species

Shapeshifting immortal Wigglytuff(it doesn't make sense i know)

Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

12224321897?profile=RESIZE_584x12224323270?profile=RESIZE_710x12224323100?profile=RESIZE_710x12224323462?profile=RESIZE_584x12224323674?profile=RESIZE_584x12224323480?profile=RESIZE_400x12224324063?profile=RESIZE_584x12224324264?profile=RESIZE_584x12224324098?profile=RESIZE_400x12224324462?profile=RESIZE_710x12224324478?profile=RESIZE_584x12224324874?profile=RESIZE_710x12224324898?profile=RESIZE_400xThe pictures above are most of his appearances

Character Personality

Main Personality:William J Williams is a playful,cute,and cuddly Jigglypuff. He is also a cop working for the North Japan Police Department. He is probably the best cop on earth. He is a pretty easy to get along with guy. Even he too can get annoyed. He also takes his job very seriously. He's a very good and fun guy to be around morality wise. He is well mannered as well. Nothing more to say. His only fear is going to prison.

Positive Traits:Fun,Easy going,Positive,Strong,Brave,Healthy,Nice,Kind,Caring,Harmless,Good Natured,Smart,Talented,Playful,Cute,Cuddly,Happy

Negative Traits:Not perfect,a bit babyish,Not defeated easily,Shy,Too much of a people person or in this case pokemon,Scared Easily,Insane(Mentally),Mentally slow at random times,Tends to Wonder off without thinking,Needs to be babysat or have someone look after him,Is annoying sometimes,Physically Challenged,Too playful,Not strict enough,Immature view on reality sometimes,Tends to push himself to hard during any challenge,A bit loud


Character Likes

12224332856?profile=RESIZE_180x18012224334294?profile=RESIZE_180x18012224334691?profile=RESIZE_180x18012224335263?profile=RESIZE_710x12224335862?profile=RESIZE_180x18012224335693?profile=RESIZE_710x12224336680?profile=RESIZE_584x12224346691?profile=RESIZE_584x12224347457?profile=originalThe things above are the things he loves the most with his son, a meowstic being his most favorite thing the entire world.

Character Dislikes

Anything,Wearing Anything Girly,Doing Anything Girly,Being Petted,Having Pimples,Getting Hurt,Being called names,Getting Laughed at,Getting Insanely beaten up,Getting Bullied,Getting Annoyed,Getting Angry,Crying,Being Sad,downright anything negative,anything evil,criminals.

Character History/Story

William Jimmy Williams aka William J Williams is the most powerful Wigglytuff on planet earth. His home country is North Japan which is one out of 7 city state like countries to make up Lucario Kingdom. He also earned his police job with his speed,smartness,agility,and strength but from the start he was always an all A student. He passed his genetics onto his son including his powers and immortality.He could reach both the gas pedal and the steering wheel and break pedal at the same time when he was 5 years old. His Patrol Car is a Bugatti Veyron. His off duty car is a ford escort RS cosworth. He was born and raised in North Japan. Lucario Kingdom is said to be the safest place on earth(Note:Lucario Kingdom is not a real place nor is the city states that make it. Lucario Kingdom belongs to me. Lucario belongs to Nintendo,The Pokemon Company,and Game Freak). Prisoners are beaten with a cane,birch,whip,strap,or cat o ninetails on bare back as a sentence for crime and in penal institutions. However corporal punishment is prohibited in the home,in daycare,in schools,and in alternate care settings. Crime rate decreases everyday in Lucario Kingdom with all the security cameras everywhere on the inside and outside of buildings on walls and everything. Now going back on subject. William J Williams lives in a mansion because his wife,a lilligant is super rich. No bad guy ever escaped his custody before and never will. He will hand all evidence of a crime to detectives. His only child is his birth son who is a meowstic named Tom Williams. His wife is a Lilligant named Sherry Williams who is also the birth mother of William's son.

Character Inventory

12224345671?profile=RESIZE_400x12224346086?profile=original12224332856?profile=RESIZE_180x18012224349064?profile=RESIZE_710x12224350294?profile=RESIZE_710x12224351061?profile=RESIZE_180x18012224351854?profile=RESIZE_710x12224352258?profile=RESIZE_710x12224352876?profile=RESIZE_710x12224352684?profile=RESIZE_400x12224353662?profile=RESIZE_584xThe things above are what he has in his inventory

Character Abilites

Special Abilities:Excellent Shooting,Every single pokemon special ability in existence,Super Speed,Fast Runner,Super Strength,Law Enforcement Officer,Excellent Driver,Shapeshifter,Species Transformation(Pokemon species only)

Abilities:Every pokemon ability in existence,Excellent Eyesight,Smartness,Planning

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, Novella, One-liners, No-Preference

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Realistic, Anime, Rated R, Child Friendly, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

10960077296?profile=RESIZE_710xHi i am Rootthelucario aka Dylan Taylor Hauck and i love to make a lot of ocs,draw,play on my phone,playing video games,and playing on the computer.  I love to RP. My favorite video game genre is racing well ones where you race cars. I am overly obsessed with sanrio and pokemon. I play a lot of roblox and gta 5. I have always dreamed of starting my own country and being the dictator of it my journey will begin i don’t know when. First in the near future i’m gonna start my career in book writing and Video Game making. I love awesome things or things i find awesome. Theres a lot of movie genres i like which i won’t tell you them. I also love hearing other people’s opinions. I love watching youtube. I also love my mum and my dad. I’m a good person. I make multiple ocs but of course i already said that. Thats all you need to know.

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