Update Notice 10

Hello Wrealms Members!

It's been pretty long since we've posted an update so here it goes!

We've got a lot planned for 2020 including a new Web Dev to help us on our journey to pretty profiles. Please be sure to give a warm welcome to our new Co-Owner Lord Mouse. And now onto those Patch notes!

  • We've started our new round of HTML codes. (the first-ever functional on the site mind you) You can now enjoy things such as Thread Trackers, Relations sections, Full templates as well as Playlists. We'll be adding them in the Coder's Unite group little by little so be sure to keep an eye out!


  • We've also added a new Profile Question! This will allow you to not only embed a youtube video but also playlists from other websites. If you add the autoplay code to the end of your video now it WILL autoplay even in google chrome!

Upcoming Events:

While this patch was super small, we've got a lot more coming out over the course of the new few months including!

  • New badge system: Remember all those contests you won? We did! All your winnings will now be transmuted into badges that you can collect on your profile page!


  • Even more CSS and HTML Themes: NEED MOAR


  • New Event: Design the moon! get ready.


  • Chat system: let's get rid of that damn chat filter!

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