31CD - Week 1

31 Days of Character Development



Day 1: Seasonal

Enoch welcomes each seasonal phase through various rituals and offerings of his own customs. He prefers the warm seasons over cold due to the much easier living conditions.

The Skinshifter hibernated one winter, and that decision was made due to the prediction of harshness and food scarcity that the particular winter would bring. Enoch cloaked himself in the skin of the Bear and spent many weeks gathering the food required to survive. Despite his best efforts, even that preparation was barely enough. Enoch awoke emaciated and very weak, yet alive.

The fur on both his Bear and his Doe take on either the full winter coats or summer coats depending on the time of year. This is due to enchantments he placed on their skins, which allows them to adapt to seasonal shifts when worn.


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