||: O R I G I N S :||

War, famine, Religion and massacre.

     The 30 Years War was still ravishing the early European countries, shredding lives and destroying the world as many knew it.

     The heart of the German states was home to a girl named { Anneliese. } In the shadows of her quiet abode she dwelled, in the company of no one save her servants. Her parents were seldom home, for they were occupied fighting for the Protestant army of the German States within the Alliance, and the nurses hardly kept up their duties of caring for the child.

     Nearly her entire life, Anneliese remained in { solitude }. Even though she could not yet read, the little girl took refuge in stories of fantasy and ancient myths that she had grown up with. She replayed the stories in her head, and even altered them to create her own fantasies. At the tender age of three-and-three-quarters, Anneliese’s lonely mind inevitably morphed creatures — “friends” — out of the shadow that always clung to her walls.

     A { Fox } did this young, attention-deprived imagination create - der Fuchs - a cunning creature who served both as entertainment, her guardian, and a method to inflict {misfortune } and { unease} onto the servants whom had neglected her. This Fox was her favorite out of all her creations, and she quickly named him { “Synova” }. The two were as inseparable as the brain is to the inner mechanisms of the mind, and one by one all of her other imaginative creatures were cast aside and forgotten until only S Y N O V A remained.. As the years went by and the affection and utter obsession for her companion grew, the Shadow Fox became more { his own being } rather than a fragment of imagination. 

     However, there came a time in the year of 1631 where Anneliese – Now nine years of age – got news that her parents had { perished } from their injuries during the Sack of Magdeburg. Tired of the dispute between the servants as to whether or not they should assume responsibility of the household and of her, Anneliese ordered Synova to { destroy } them, and destroy he did.

     Synova then went out and { possessed } the mind of a young man, { leeching } off his consciousness until that solid shell became his own. Using the stolen skin for public view, Synova assumed the role of {guardian } for his mistress. However, it wasn’t long before the wings of misfortune fanned her foul breeze over them;

Mortality itself is mankind’s biggest { d o w n f a l l }

     Anneliese caught a { disease } during her late-teen years, which was derived from one of the many sicknesses the famines brought as they raged throughout the war-stricken countries. Synova did all that he could, but he was no healer. Anneliese knew that Synova had become his own creature, and so she decided to order Synova to {remain behind } rather than { die } with her. She did it with the best intentions, yet Synova was subjected to a cruel, cruel fate. 

     Cruelly deprived of his { mistress}, his { creator } and very reason for existence, the fox has wandered throughout the centuries, observing wars come and pass, hiding among the humans, bringing misfortune and wreaking havoc onto those deemed worthy of his antics.

     Even then, Synova was miserable. He was RESTLESS

He soon began to k i l l

     He killed without reason, he slaughtered without mercy. Not only did humans fall victim to his torturous methods, but animals as well: Dogs, cats, livestock... nothing was safe. He broke anything with a spine, he gouged out many eyes and devoured anything that breathed. 

Synova's rage lasted for countless years in countless regions of the world. Yet one can never spill too much blood without attracting V U L T U R E S


     The Fox came across many dark-dwelling creatures in his time. Demons, Vampires, Werewolves, Phantoms, and the list continues. Many tried to challenge him, many tried to recruit him into their own clans or groups. They all parted ways with either torn throats or a very large headache.


     Yet there was one fatefull night he stumbled upon a strange man in the midst of his own blood-bathed hunt. The man's magic was strong, and his abilities exceeded anything Synova had ever seen. The man was a powerful sorcerer and Dragon-shifter, and his name was ACHERON MORTIFERA

The Dragon-Shifter's elder brother, Silurian Mortifera, was the Emperor of the Kingdom of Abyss, and Acheron himself had a very high rank in Abyss' High Council.

     Despite Synova's complaints, Acheron took Synova to the Abyss, and the Fox was ADOPTED into royalty. He learned that Acheron had a great many creatures he had previously adopted, including two Fox-shifters; a red vixen named Ember, and a young, white Irish fox named Leif. Aside from those two and a vampire named Max, Synova did not bother to aquatint himself with any of his other would-be "siblings."

     Surprisingly, Synova later became mated to a psychotic female named HELSING

However, ‘love’ is not the word one would use. Despite how they may act around each other in public settings, their relationship is quite parasitic on both sides. Neither foxes say a word of it, but neither of them mind it one bit. 

     Synova gained much favor among the members of the Council and members of other High Ranks, which gave him the title of "The Mortifera's Shadow." He even worked his way to become Acheron's favorite son. This festered much envy, anger and rivalry between himself, some of his other siblings, and creatures that held lesser ranks in the councils. He did not care, however; with every spat, every confrontation, and every scheme, Synova grew quicker. He grew smarter, he grew more crafty and industrious. And not to mention... he grew increasingly stronger

     After being trained by several willing members, Synova became a master of many trades within the Abyss. He became an elite Weaponsmaster and assassin, he proved extraordinarily talented with bargaining, gambling, and mediating. He learned much about potions, amulets, charms, healing and other forms of magic, yet he does not particularly favor those skills. It came to a point where he was offered a place in the High Council, Yet it was an offer that Synova refused.


He did not want to deal with the tasks of co-running a kingdom and solving other people's problems. 

      Even though Synova prides himself with carrying the title of { Mortifera }, he still remains a wanderer. Even to this day, the fox travels roads both untouched and worn; acquainting himself with immortals and mortals alike, yet never staying in the same place for very long unless he has some sort of task to complete. 

He’s always lingering, yet never really there.

Like a { s h a d o w }

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