Synova's 31CD - Week 1

31CD - WEEK 1

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Day 1: Seasonal

  • Synova's habits, routines, activities and energy levels do not alter much with the turn of the seasons. He does personally prefer the stillness of winter over the other seasons.
  • He doesn't acknowledge or partake in any holidays, simply because he has no reason to
  • Syn does like to hang around places that partake in Daylight Savings time. He does appreciate the time of the year where darkness comes early, for he is a creature that becomes stronger in the dark
  • Way back in the day, Synova used to submerse himself more into his "naturalistic" fox form during the mid-fall and winter seasons. He would then seek solitude in the deep woodlands and live out the colder months just as a wild fox would. He used to embrace the primal nature of what he was created to be, yet it has been many, many years since he partook in such habits
  • It is uncertain exactly when or why Synova stopped vanishing for months at a time to live as a wild beast. Maybe he grew bored of it, or maybe unexpected responsibilities disallowed him to just disappear for such lengths of time. Regardless of the reason, it is highly unlikely that he will ever go back to doing that again.


Day 2: Vices

  • Oh, where to begin
  • Synova sometimes feels the need to have the last word, and will continuously jab at an individual so long as they give a reaction

  • His leadership skills very much border a "Do as I say without questioning" style. Synova is incredibly good at strategy and planning, but he doesn't feel the need to share or run his ideas past anyone before they happen

  • Piggybacking off of the last one, Synova gets highly aggravated if he needs to explain himself in anyway, and has oftentimes outright refused. He has gotten a bit better about being transparent about his plans, due to a handful of strong-willed followers refusing to blindly tag along, henceforth foiling some plans he had set into motion. He still despises having to explain himself

  • Syn will flirt to get a reaction, and tends to flirt back if someone makes the first move. He will often reciprocate flirtatious behavior even if he has no actual interest in the individual, and that is simply because he enjoys the attention. Don't play Chicken with him, he will not be the one to back down

  • If a situation pops up that Synova does not want to deal with, the fox has been known to occasionally just flat out disappear and come back after the metaphorical dust settles


Day 3: Paradigm shift

  • Synova is a highly chaotic, yet highly neutral individual. He tends to fling himself haphazardly across all levels of the "tranquil / maniac" spectrum depending on what's going on, so it is difficult to say what will make his personality do a 180 turn
  • There are many ways to "ruffle his feathers," so to speak, but it is suprisingly difficult to get him truly enraged about something. Destroying something or someone he truly cares for (which are few and far between to begin with) and repeatedly foiling plans he had will most certainly make him dive for the kill
  • To calm him.... Hum. Softly humming tunes, especially in the minor keys, unlocks an odd sense of tranquility within him. One will need to catch him at an already - quiet moment, however, for humming absolutely does not work as an "off switch" when he's riled up. 

Day 4: Scars

  • Synova has no scars on any of his forms
  • While his humanoid shell has gotten severely damaged multiple times, his skin is entirely unflawed. Synova is able to "dissolve" his body back into shadow when he shifts into his vulpine forms, which repairs any damages over time. The more damage done to his humanoid body, the longer he has to wait until it is usable again. Think of it as putting his humanoid body into a pokéball when it's not in use
  •  Fun fact: If a humanoid shell falls victim to irreparable physical damage, he will abandon it and steal another shell. He has had to do that only one time with the original shell, which he then replaced with the one he has now. Synova has had this current humanoid shell for roughly five-hundred years


Day 5: Parents

  • Synova was created through means of Paracosm. He happily served as the friend and pet of his creator, then ultimately evolved into her caretaker due to the present circumstances of the time. Synova was utterly doted upon and spoiled by his creator, and it turn, never left her side. She has long since passed on, and he keeps her name and their history hidden away

  • Syn was later "adopted" by Acheron Mortifera, a dragon shifter and brother to the Emperor of a large territory called The Abyss. Synova was a force to be reckoned with when they met, but Acheron gained his respect by quite literally beating sense into him over and over again during Synova's time of uncontrolled mania. Acheron and Synova got along tremendously well once the dust settled, and each knew how to push the other one's buttons to a T.

    - Synova was, and absolutely still is the favorite childe of Acheron


Day 6: Erasure

  • The short answer is "No."
  • Synova does not regret much in his life. There are a few points where a do-over would be accepted if given the chance, but there is no point in his life that he would like to erase entirely 

Day 7: Sleep

  • Synova does not need sleep, but he has his own version of it. His conciousness seems to drift between this world and somewhere else in the very rare occasions he allows it to
  • His humanoid shell does require all of the necessities that a normal human needs. If he remains as a humanoid instead of shifting, Synova will sleep
  • Synova is a very light sleeper in his humanoid form. It takes him a while to actually get to sleep, and it doesn't take much to stir him awake. 
  • He does get incredibly cranky if he is awoken when he is actually asleep 









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