Synova's 31CD - Week 2

31CD - WEEK 2

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Day 8: Family

  • The Mortifera family was large in number and diversity, yet those that Synova genuinely got along with could be counted on one hand. Sibling rivalry was commonplace among Acheron's heirs, as was general competition between the family tree
  • Silurian Mortifera was Synova's uncle and Emperor of the territory they resided in. Silurian was one who spent a decent amount of time training Synova in various magical practices
  • Leif Mortifera was the only sibling that Synova ever bothered remembering. The little Arctic fox shifter never spoke too much, yet he stuck close to Synova wherever he went. Syn did not mind the boy's affectionate nature, and would often aggressively defend him from the elder siblings. Synova thinks of Leif somewhat frequently, and hopes his sibling is faring well.



Day 9: Turning points

  • When his creator ordered him to kill for the first time. The completion of a metamorphosis: from Mindless to Sentient
  • When his creator passed away. The descent into Insanity
  • When Acheron found him. The hand that pulled him from the sea
  • When he chose to protect two particular innocents. Is redemption even possible?
  • Synova did not particularly acknowledge most of those moments as truly at the time, yet in hindsight, he does indeed recognize these points as pivotal moments in his life


Day 10: Food

  • Synova technically does not need to eat, so cooking is a rarity
  • He can cook if the occasion calls for it, but he chooses very simple meals or simply grabbing food elsewhere
  • Synova can follow recipes very well, but getting him to put forth the effort to make more complex dishes is a challenge in and of itself


Day 11: Partnership

  • Synova is no stranger to the carnal pleasures of the flesh. He has had multiple partners and flings in his lifetime, yet has only truly loved one thus far
  • Synova has grown accustomed to temporary. The life of an Immortal brings an ebb and flow of people like waves in the sea: Many lost to death, some lost to time and diverting paths. He never expects anyone to stick around anymore, and he himself has been known to disappear once interest or usefulness is lost
  • The demonic she-fox he had once loved so dearly was one of those lost to unknown circumstances. Hel's sudden disappearance left Synova in a frantic state as he searched for his lover -- a search that would last for years with no trace of her fate. The loss of his long-time mate left Synova wounded and heavily guarded
  • Synova is still capable of love, but earning it is a time-consuming challenge. Actions speak much louder than words, first and foremost. Become a point of familiarity, and prove through your actions that you are someone he can truly trust. Synova takes particular interest in those who do not easily yield to his antics, and are not afraid to throw antics back at him in return. As much as Synova prefers working alone, there must be a good teamwork dynamic between him and a potential long-term partner.
  • Synova has no preference towards any gender, overall appearance or even species.


Day 12: Technology

  • Synova has next to no need for technology, so his overall technological prowess is sadly lacking.
  • The most he will bother with is a phone. The phones he does use are commonly stolen, yet he has taken up a burner phone or two in the past


Day 13: Happiness

  • Synova found genuine happiness with his creator, his past mate, and when he grasped a new magical technique back when he was being trained
  • He is an adrenaline junkie, so anything that would provide a "rush" would get him excited


Day 14: Serenity

Gentle tears of frost trickled lethargically from the grey-eyed heavens, seeping past the gnarled and moon-washed branches of young trees. There were pawprints in the thin layer of snow, illuminated by the ambiance of single lamp post set next to the cobble-stone pathway.

The shadow that knitted the Fox’s figure had been temporarily abandoned, pulled together and condensed into lush tresses of physical fur as black as the interior of an ink well. Orbs now cast in a vision of gold scrutinized the hushed premises, analyzing the wooded surroundings as the creature tasted the air through hinged jowls.

The gentle breeze wrapped itself around the lone animal, whispering in his ears and caressing his paws. The cold midnight breeze toyed with his fur, as if desiring to hurry him along the path. The fox heeded not the urges from breaths of lunar ambience, however;

No, not now…

That park bench looked welcoming.10777012882?profile=RESIZE_180x180

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