The Glutton's Banquet HW23

Write a scary/spooky poetry piece.

The Glutton's Banquet


In twilight's shroud, where shadows sprawl,

There walks a woman, gluttonous thrall,

Her golden mane, a wicked pall,

In hunger's grip, she'd watch you fall.


A siren fair, with eyes of ice,

Devouring souls, a deadly vice,

With every bite, a chilling price,

In her embrace, your soul shall splice.


She prowls the night, her feral guise,

In darkness, where the devil lies,

For in her heart, no conscience lies,

As human hearts and creatures' cries,


Her hunger knows no bounds, no law,

Savage instinct, a ravenous maw,

A soulless void, a gaping flaw,

In gluttony, her lifeblood draw.


But there's a secret, tales unveil,

To tame this beast, an eerie tale,

A feast laid out, the way to prevail,

To quell her hunger, keep her frail.


With offerings of flesh and bone,

She'll temper her voracious groan,

Yet still, beneath the moon's dark throne,

Her appetite's insatiable moan.


Beware the blonde with feral grace,

Her eerie hunger, chilling embrace,

In gluttony's dark, twisted space,

A soulless void, her cursed place.

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