Would anyone like to roleplay?

Hello! Would anybody be interested in a bxb high fantasy roleplay? My rules are, write in the third person, no oneliners (please be at least semi-lit), no p3dophilia, no n3crophilia, no zo0philia, no abuse of any kind (unless it's planned out beforehand for some like backstory or drama thing), and no inc3st. I don't really have any plots in mind, as l'd rather just give people the opportunity to use the plots that they want; though I can come up with one if I need to! I'm fine with roleplaying here or on discord!

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  • I just joined as well, but I'm sure I can figure it out. I will message you.

  •  I would love to Roleplay with you! I think our characters would mesh well together.

    • Wonderful!! I'm still fairly new to this website, so would you mind explaining to me how roleplaying works on here?

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