"April Showers bring May Flowers," a quote that represents the promise of better things to come.


This is an "open discussion" sort of event, so use the comments below to leave your response to the prompt! Feel free to engage and ask questions to other commenters! 



Tell us about an event (or events) that your character endured that seemed bad at the time, but ultimately paved the way to better situations.

🌻 What event represented the "Rain?" What resulting event or situation represented the "Flowers?"

🌧️ Did the "Flowers" bloom quickly after the rain, or did it take time for them to rise?

🌻 Did your character expect that unsavory situation to improve at the time? Are they now able to look back, identify, and acknowledge that "Rainy" event as a catalyst for the flowers that have bloomed?


This thread will be open until the beginning of May. After May, this Event thread will close, and a post will be made in the Wrealms Arcade for anyone who wants to add to the discussion!


🌻 Happy writing! 🌻


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    • It took a solid 3-5(+??) years of keeping a plot moving, but Kei's rain to flowers character dev was going from homeless hitman to somehow a government-employed hunter with a clean slate and a clear moral code. His character started with a long spiral down starting from a teen and left plenty of room for things to happen, but 'good guy' was never in the plan. How it happened? The right plot and the right pressures, including an organization called the Hunter Society incorporated into the said plot.
    • Growing those "flowers" took time.  A rock bottom start and guidance lead to breaking his character time after time to make him think about his predicament, and the people around him for once. I'd compare it to how teens shape up sometimes after the military gets ahold of them. He was used to hardship and trauma for himself, but generally never had to put those around him into the picture. Once he started thinking that way, there was no going back.

    • I think at the time he didn't have anywhere else to go. He wasn't in it for some 'five-year plan' that was going to make his life better, or any clear vision of the future. He had to gain some momentum in what he was doing before he realized it gave him a future.

    • Kei's at the point where the rain has stopped, and he looks back realizing he was more or less slowly drowning where he was sitting before. His current core plot has him at a self-sufficient point where the sun is out and he's noticing it, even if those storm clouds aren't far off in his mind.


    TLDR; Local shithead cat demon finds reason to not throw himself into traffic and cause fights-- becomes occasional hero of the story

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