I am a 36/M looking for an 18+ female, who plays female characters. These are hard limits and non-negotiable. I only write over Discord; this is also a hard limit. I am currently looking for a Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy XIII-2, or Final Fantasy XV RP! For FFVII it can include the remake and/or the compilation and if all you know is the remake, that’s fine too, just let me know. I can also do some sort of crossover RP between these worlds.


I post every day to every other day and would prefer the same. I also write 1-4 paragraphs and am flexible when it comes to length, I prefer quality over quantity. I prefer partners to let me know if they can’t or don’t want to continue. I will not even ask why. I also understand why some don’t do this so I will never harass you over it but if you tell me I’m usually open to picking up the RP down the line. With that being said, if we just started RPing and it goes a week without a post or notification that you can’t post, I’ll consider it dead. If we’ve been writing for a while, I’m way more lenient with this, though. All I ask is that if you respond to this ad, please be serious about it with the intention of writing. If you ghost every RP, you’re in, please refrain from responding to this ad.


I am open to just about anything with these worlds. I can do a simple retelling, a retelling with OC’s, an AU, or some sort of side story or prequel/sequel. I am open to anything and while I will list what pairings I prefer, if you have a specific pairing you prefer, please let me know and I can be very flexible with this! If you also want to use an OC of your own, please let me know!


I also love NSFW themes/smut. This is a requirement; I do not fade to black. With that being said, I do not want the entire RP to be smut! I like it to be about 70/30 in terms of plot/smut.


All characters listed in the pairings will be 18+ no matter their canon age. This is a hard limit.


Final Fantasy VII





OC/Yuffie, Aerith or Tifa


Final Fantasy X





Final Fantasy XIII-2



Final Fantasy XV

Noctis/Stella [Think FFXIII Versus concept.]

Noctis/ Iris

OC/ Iris


If you're interested please message me and we can discuss the details.


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