Hey there! Happy new year!

My name is Greg and I just joined the site. My character is typically Frank Malzone, a ruggedly handsome Italian American man who is usually a bounty hunter, private investigator or retired police officer. 

I am seeking partners who will write female, straight characters and would either be a mysterious femme fatale or a damsel in distress in need of help or rescuing from a difficult situation. 

Frank, if he's a bounty hunter, can also be an antihero.

My stories are typically post-WWII settings and are filled with intrigue, action and adventure. Romance often finds its way in there as well.

Oh, and my female partners' characters tend to get tied up and gagged. A lot. But my stories are NOT fetishy. 

Some suggested plot bunnies:

  • Woman is being stalked and hires Frank, which leads to a can of worms of action and adventure.
  • Frank the bounty hunter is hired to transport a female witness to a mob hit hundreds of miles for her own safety---but against her will.
  • Frank is pursued by unknown bad actors and breaks into a woman's home for sanctuary. He holds her captive while he figures out his next move. She ends up sympathizing with him and joins him as a partner of sorts. 
  • Frank, on the run, carjacks a woman and in the process kidnaps her because there's no time to ditch her. But her life is boring and she actually likes the peril and danger, much to his chagrin.

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