A Little Bit About Me:

I am in my mid-twenties and I am looking for adult content 18+. I am a full-time IT student. I love to write, draw, read, game, and expand my interests. Right now, I am working on my last project for my finals and then after that, I will be on break until January to start my spring classes. Please DM me for further contact, please. I am new here, but I will get a hand on this new site soon. I am a writer as well and love details especially when it comes from a fellow writer or a fellow roleplayer. I am laid-back and patient, but not a pushover. 

Partner Preferences:
As long as you can write a decent response as a female or a male, we are perfectly golden.
Together. Working as pair for the best possible story to come out of our interests. It takes two tango. Not one.
Respect my wishes when it comes to dark themes. I am neutral grounds between vanilla and the dark side of it. I am open to some, but I am not open to all. Do not assume that I am.
Third Person, Past Tense
My character is my own. Not yours. Do not tell me how to play my character.
I am loyal to my writing partners, but I really do not appreciate being left hanging and wondering if our roleplay is going to continue or not. This is why communication is key.
Doubling up (Because it's fair for you and me as well. This applies to MxF. Again, it depends on who I am roleplaying with.)
MxM, MxF, FxF (I am pretty flexible as a string bean)
Story and Smut (I do like both.)
Shorter Reply Time (If we can reply to each other on regular bases. Awesome. I understand that life, school, and work, get in the way of writing and response times too.)
I like long responses and WILL NOT RESPOND to short replies at all! I am semi-literature here. Not three sentences.
Communication is key. (Please work with me here.)
Face claims (Realistic (18+), digital art, drawings, etc.,)
I'm here to write beautiful stories with partners that want to go on a journey with me.

I will not roleplay with anyone under the age of 18, nothing against it. I preferred roleplaying with someone that is closer to my age.

Time Zone:
Central Time Zone

Time Eras:
Modern Times
Victorian Era
Edwardian Era
Historical Fiction Era

Genres That Are Old, but Familiar to Me:
Gifted Human-beings
Mafia World
Realistic (Mundane Realistic World)
Forbidden Romances
Outlaw (Western)
Angel and Demons (Princes of Hell and Archangels)
Magical World

Ideas that might interest you guys:

Forbidden to Touch Maidenx Prince, King, or Other possible pairings with this one. (Supernatural or human-gifted only)
Reincarnated LoverxMerlin's Apprentice (Think of Camelot with its Knights of the round table)
Fallen Angelx Good Angel (Forbidden Romance again)
Phoenix&Human or Supernatural being
AlphaxMate (Any other supernatural being)
ArtemisxAres/Hades/Persephone (Always up for a good mythology story too. I have an idea for both of these)
Twin VillainsxGood heroes (Forbidden romance/action)
The SpyxEnemy
Arranged Marriage between a Mage and Norse Warrior (NorsexRoman)
The Vampire PrincexThe Witch (A little twist with this one)
The Inquisitor WitchxHalf-Demon
Rising Actress (Bad Past)xDetective
Fortune TellerxKing or Prince of a Kingdom

The Next Generation of Gotham City
HeiressxBounty hunter (Western Style((Think of Red Redemption 2 Online)
OutlawxHired Goon (Western Style((Think of RD2O)
Assassin's Creed


Let me know what you want to do or to collaborate on a world-building amazing roleplay! 

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  • I've send you a friend request, I'd love to talk about a RP! 

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