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For curiosity sake-- with October coming around, are there any artists or doodlers on the site that participate in Inktober?


(If you don't know what it is but it sounds interesting to you- take a look down below)

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  • Fair enough think I'll give it a go with traditional just wanted clarification that is all :)
  • @Meadow it's meant for mediums of ink that are traditional but hey, if you can get some brushes that simulate a ball point/fountain pen then I don't see why not

  • It's a "Hell Yes" for me ~ 

  • Just wondered as you can get ink option on paint programmes ^.^
  • Just wondered as you can get ink option on paint programmes ^.^
  • Paper i think cause its suppose to be ink
  • Does it have to be paper or digital?
  • Ah, sounds interesting. My motivation has been lacking, but I'll seriously consider it and lookout for it of you do make one!

  • @Leonard-

    More or less, if there seems to be enough people interested maybe we could make a realm or something, share the results. Just poking at the community for interest

  • I've never actually participated in one of these which is odd, but idk i might consider this year. Are you thinking of making something for people to do that here?

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