hello, i am currently looking for someone that can be semi-lit in an RP. right below is the plot

in a lab deep in the wilderness, project A.N.I was underway. it was the first attempt to bring a human mind and conscience to an android without the aid of a real human brain. the project was going well until the fire happened. it burned nearly everything but A.N.I. was able to make it out...alone. with incomplete programming, A.N.I wandered alone only with the info they had on the world. they would stay like this until she happened upon a house. the family was moving out and they had left a box open. they took the chance to interact with people but they knew their appearance would scare them so they disguised themselves as one of the objects and hid in the box. soon it was closed and the family was on the road. nearly 12 hours later, everyone is taking out boxes and put them in the places they belong including the box they were in. soon it was opened showing it belonged to the oldest child of the family, 17-year-old Zeno. he started to pull out his stuff and soon noticed the anomaly that was a duplicate of the same object. upon further inspection, he caused A.N.I. to come out of hiding, and the two of them were just on the ground staring at each other. one in surprise, the other in confusion, and both in curiosity.

I do have more details to share with you just not at this time to not make the wordy post even wordier. all I ask is that you are semi-lit

if you have any questions, please do ask

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