Genres I consume mainly are fantasy, horror, adventure, coming-of-age stories, sci-fi, and thrillers. I also adore romance, but no NSFW without a plot, obviously. Preferably no NSFW at all if manageable. I can make OCs and bend my characters to fit any roleplay, so just feel free to comment on this and then friend me. We can work something out! Please no dry texting/replies/writing, because I'm not very good at maintaining a dry conversation. I'm a very in-depth writer, so no need to worry about me not writing enough information. I'm in way too many fandoms to name them all, but here are some of my main ones:My Hero Academia(Boku no Hero Academia)JJK(Jujustu Kaisen)Ever After High and Monster HighPercy Jackson(and all of the Riordanverse)Harry Potter(and all things Harry Potter and the Wizarding World)Five Nights at Freddy's(and all related fandoms)Disney and all things DisneyScream(and all related movies)The Last of UsStar Wars(specifically The MandalorianMarvel(and all things MCU)DC(and I mean everything)The Owl House.....and the list goes on

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  • hi


  • My Hero Academia(Boku no Hero Academia



  • Hii! You sound like such an interesting person! And also; we have the same birthday! kinda crazy xd

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