Hello! I am Morn Cyanni, vey/ven/vims, 21. I am new here, but not to rp. I am looking for a long-term casual roleplay partner, as the title says. I am strictly against anything sexual and I am hot garbage at romance and not the most fond of it. If it is how things naturally develop, however it should not be the main focus and don't expect much out of me. I should typically be pretty active, but I am occasionally going to get busy and on rare occasions may temporarily go of the grid for personal reasons. I will try to give at least a decent amount of detail, but my answers are usually not super long. Expect a paragraph. Obviously, if I'm not given much to work with, it doesn't help. I am dyslexic, so cut me some slack and expect occasional miscommunication and/or confusion.

The rp I plan to do with Charlie will have light horror elements. Other than that, I'm pretty open. I am hoping for some natural development for aer character. Look at my profile to see more about aerm.

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