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Titanic love story. (Reversed)

Titanic love story. (Reversed)


A high-class male and low class maid? Or maybe undercover journalist trying to make her way. Or maybe both! Low class maid who’s an undercover journalist. They meet when she’s maybe running from the authorities on the

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Hello! I want to just roleplay something simple. Recently I've gone through pintirest and doing so I saw many cut pictures of people just doing simple things and I would like to rokeplay characters who are lose doing simple things. With tropes of cou

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My Lil Weird Intro. ^^

Hello! I am sort of new to this site. I had an account way back but somehow got logged out and forgot my account password. (As one does being away for so long) I am now back and want to practice my writing again. Get back into creating stories with o

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