Hello all! 20+ RPer here seeking a partner of similar age to help fulfill my quest for my own personal Soul Edge  Holy Grail: an RP  centered on the MxM pairing Vercci/Voldo from Soul Calibur! I'm in search of something highly story-based, though mature themes and contents will no doubt find their way in due to the nature of this couple. No context-free smut, though; salacious content had to be balanced out, after all! I am willing to play either Vercci or Voldo, with you taking up the character you prefer.

I want this to take place in the Medieval/Renaissance-esque setting of the original canon; however, once we get to know each other better, we might branch out into AUs and other settings. You don't even have to be highly versed in the lore of Soul Calibur, such as it is: just have the patience to look through the wiki info and maybe watch a story video or two, as well as confidence in writing an enjoyable, developed medieval fantasy character.

I'm all for fun chat OOC about other fandoms and interests. Plus, I'd like it if we could share aesthetics and playlists as well for our RPs and various topics. 

I'm a literate, multiparagraph RPer who can sometimes verge on novella, so keep this in mind. I am also available almost daily, and I tend to reply quickly.

If you're interested, DM me with the phrase "Soul Edge."

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