I am looking for either a short-term, or long-term roleplay partner. I normally keep to adventure and fantasy, or combat scenes and am good with gore but am down to try other genres. I am good with any setting and with any scenero as long as it fits our characters in some way, I, however am NOT wanting to do any 18+ content. I am good with doing one-liners or paragrahs or even longer responses as well. Let me know if you are interested either in the comments or send me a message. I am still fleshing out my character, so there might be a couple of inconsitancies with him and I am sorry in advance.

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  • Howdy, I've been looking around the internet after over a year of not roleplaying and came across this website. I know this post is more than a couple weeks old, but I'm interested in roleplaying and see how this goes.

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