I am a 37/M looking for any female who is 20+ for a RP set in Final Fantasy VII's world, where it'd be an AU retelling of the original game. Because of this, I am asking anyone who I write with to be familiar with the original to some extent. I am looking to write over Discord only.

I am looking to play my OC with my partner playing either as Tifa, Aerith, or an aged-up Yuffie.


About me:

> 37/M looking for any 20+ female for this.

> NSFW themes are required but the plot is the greater focus. 70/30 or 60/40 in terms of plot/NSFW. I do not fade to black.

> Discord only.

> Literate. 2-3 paragraphs. I would like something similar. No one-liners.

> I am ghost friendly but I'll leave a server after about 10 days of no communication.


Please DM me if you're interested and we can discuss this further! 

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