Hello writers of the wrealms. ^^ 

It seems that I am in lack of a writing partner. I'm not looking for anything too crazy plot-wise, but I do tend to lean away from roleplays based off TV series and what not. I like new beginnings. ^^ 

I'm a multi-para writer and want to start off simple. I'm not opposed to new ideas so feel free to place a comment or just DM me. I tend to start threads in either the comment section on profiles or the dm box.

Let me know! 




Happy New Year!

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  • I sent you friend request, your muse sounds very interesting and I'd absolutely love to rp with you if you're up for it! Please DM me if you're interested! 

    ~Cozy <3

  •  Hello. I wanted to know if you would like to make part on one type of roleplaying i used to do with a friend a long time ago. I wanted to create a story with someone and you look like someone that seems to know your way around. Can you send me a DM if possible?


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