Photoshop requests? [Closed]

Ey! Now that the holiday season isn't murdering me and I have a little free time before classes start up, I'm opening up a few slots for if anyone wants photoshop work done on images for their pages. Currently I'm a Graphic Design major that has been using photoshop for the last 3-4 years, looking to improve. I might learn another thing or two, and you might come out with a more accurate image of your character or a page graphic.

(Plus rp editing is more fun than doing graphic work for some boring company right now, so let's have it.)


If you're interested, you'll need:

  • Quality (and maybe several) images of your FC, or whatever you wish to be edited.
  • A notion of what you want, and support images/visuals that might be useful (not a mind reader)
  • Patience, and all that jazz.


What I am generally able to do:

  • Change eye colors
  • Remove markings/tattoos (sometimes)
  • Change backgrounds
  • Change colors of elements (i.e. color of shirt, etc)
  • Put images into frames/add borders
  • Page dividers (with enough description of what you'd like)


What I'm looking to learn/attempt:

  • Putting characters into new scenes/meshing people together with new backgrounds
  • Anything with tattoos/markings, but acknowledge I'm still novice there
  • Editing gifs???
  • Whatever else, surprise me yo


What I won't do:

  • Remove artist watermarks- I will remove ones from tumblr/accounts that did not create the work.
  • Promise delivery or even satisfaction (RIP). I'm still learning. I'll promise an attempt though.
  • I also reserve the right to decline if I feel I cannot do it/would rather not. Hopefully you can understand.
  • Take money or anything. If you are happy with your results and feel inclined to respond, toss the site a donation- they're the real heroes here.




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    Aww yea, you've got one reserved regardless so no worries 8D

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