Hey there! I recently wrote a plot for an rp that never happened but I am curious to see if there is anyone here who gets excited by this.
It is inspired by one of my biggest obsessions: Alice in wonderland! (specifically the tim burton live action, mostly the vibes, not at all that mad hatter)

genre: mystery, adventure, fantasy, above all: romance!
pairing: BxG
18+ possible, if it fits in the romance story line, but no priority.

a girl is being haunted by a crazy repeating dream:

she gets lost in a rose garden near some old ruins of a mansion and ends up in 1868 at a fancy party, where she meets a man called Lewis, who keeps calling her Alice. she has no clue what is going on and tries to stay calm, but when the clock hits 3 pm exactly, the man pushes her down a rabbit hole. She ends up in wonderland where she follows the path alice took, but the characters being a bit less mad than the actual story goes

she tries to figure out what her dream means and tries to find the abandoned old mansion with the rose garden. only to find out, it is not abandoned. it has been restored and someone new in town is moving in. A very familiar man. this handsome young man being mad hatter under a different name in a modern setting, a quirky guy who the town folk warn about not to go near. 

will she figure out her dream? is this man who he says he is? or does he actually come from wonderland with a purpose.


This character does not include existing characters, we create our own characters for this or use our existing characters. 
Check out my profile for my rp 'rules'.
What the hatter's deal is, is entirely up to you! so we keep it surprising for us both. 

Alice in Wonderland Except Everyone's a Venus Flytrap / Samuel Clark —  Corvid Queen
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