roleplay partner.

hellohello. as many, i am looking for a roleplay partner. 

i am new to this website, and as a result of that, if youre interested, id prefer to move to discord. 

i am a literate, multi-paragraph writer. i swoop down to one paragraph at my lowest, and i wont accept one liners. i write in third person, with no exceptions. 

i will write out of fandom, and in fandom. i play any gender and ill play any character (cc), i have queer preferences, although im open to any matchup. i have a love for darker themes, and themes revolving around violence and immoral acts. although, i enjoy genres such as fantasy, drama, romance, and sci-fi. specifically, i love contrasting roles, vampires and mythical beings, eldritch horror, villainxhero, stalking and voyeur, forced situations, and royalties. some of the fandoms i enjoy consist of my hero academia, black butler, vampire in the garden, sally face, resident evil(four,seven,eight.), the witcher(three, the show.), the last of us, call of duty(modern warfare), it, hannibal, the lord of the rings, x-men, loki, steven universe, adventure time, creepypasta, etc. that being said, i dont require a fandom at all. i have very few limits, and when it comes to nsfw i am a switch, mostly dom. we will talk further about that, privately. 

if you have any questions or if youre interested, you may pm me here, or add me on discord @9dr.lu9

thank you and take care, hun. 


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  • HELLO! 

    I am so interested! I write multiparagraphs as well. I would love to write with you! I'm honestly looking for a darker roleplay, and I have so many ideas. MW would be fun to roleplay, depending on which one. I just recently finished MW2, and I'm so into Ghost/Soap, or Ghost/Price. 


    ANYWHO! Can I either message you or have you message me??? ♡

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