Hello, hello. My name is Zoe, and my characters name is also Zoe. I have 12 years of experience as a writer and i love testing my limits in all kinds of roleplaying genres. I can write up to 10 paragraphs and more depending on my partner. My favorite settings are Dark Themes and Sci - Fi. But don't let that disencourage you, despite them being my favorite, it does not mean that i don't want to write anything else other than that! Quite the opposite actually, i roleplay all settings no restrictions. My character is made to fit in everything, everywhere and all at once. There are no excuses, she's built from scratch by none other than me to have that exact function.  A core function, if you will.

I've been told many times that talking, plotting and even writing with me seems to be so interesting and exciting! So why don't you shoot me a message and see what we can come up with? My DM's are always open.  Though be wary of what you send, i can read people very well through text which means that i'll prioritize the one who seems deserving of it. It has happened countless of times that people request my attention and failed very badly to do so! I know. Sounds scary, but it really is just up to you and your passion for writing. Other than that i am very friendly and loving! Though I do like to match the energy that i receive, so again, up to you.

I play a character who is the depiction of "Mother Life" but without her knowing that. She possesses mindblowing abilities as she is considered an alien super weapon. She's an extremely dangerous and a very powerful character but she almost never uses her powers, unless threatened... naturally. She can take many appearances and her favorite is her human one where she can hide very well despite her remaining beauty. Now, sounds like she's just for a specific setting right? Well, not really. Her appearance is human and her weapons are a godsword and a set of gem claws while she also possesses Sci - Fi related powers.

With that being said, i do not mind playing in your premade stories or plot something that is unrelated to our characters standard settings. Preferrably i'd enjoy plotting from scratch but either way, i do not mind as long as my character stays the way she is and is accepted for who she is. I do not care about your age, as long as you are able to keep up with my writing. If not, expect me to prioritize people who can and will, respectfully! Writing activity for me us just as important as the quality of it, so if you lack both please do not contact me. I am an old girl and pretty much a veteran when it comes to roleplaying but there is still so much that i can and want to learn, but only from other's who are on my level. I personally can write up to 10K words a reply and i'd say that i would take a minimum of 2.5K words per reply.  Again, if you cannot even reach 2.5K then please do not contact me. Other than that... If i know that you are skilled then i definitely do not mind writing less than necessary depending on the interactions in character.


So, if you've made it this far without clicking off of this Ad, then...


Expect us to write amazing stories filled with adventures, beautiful memories and lots of journeys to be had!

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