Id like to find some FF7 based rp, or some Chrono Cross based. I know these are older games but not enough folks appreciate Chrono Caross and with the FF7 remake i am hoping it will revive interest in RP for that setting. Hellsing RP is great as well. Possibly some Doctor Who or Vampire Hunter D plots. Also looking for Vampire RP, possibly a modern Dracula Type story or some other Vampiric plot.

Central time zone, on later in the afternoons till late at night. Im pretty laid back and like to chat and get to know people and share ideas. Been RPing for over a decade, post length varies depending on whats going on in the scene but i try and give at least three or so lines up to a couple or so small to mid size paragraphs.

I am over 21 and therefore do not feel comfortable writing with anyone under the age of 18. I like my plots to include elements of adventure, mystery, romance, action, even some comic moments and a few slice of life-ish bits here and there to create a, hopefully, well rounded plot. I seek male characters to RP opposite my character, certain canons or ocs wanted. OOC i dont care what your gender is. I know life must be lived so i dont expect you to be on posting all day every day.

Character info and a few plots available upon request. I prefer to RP on Discord so drop a note for me in DMs if interested.

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