Text issue with white pages.

If you have an obnoxiously bright/white page like I do for some odd reason, you may have noticed text not showing up following an update of the site as of recently. Attached below is a code to change this if you have this problem.


The line with 'max height' can be taken out if you would rather not have the scroll bar.

If you would like the scroll bar, the '500px' value can be changed to adjust how long it is.

The value #ff0000 is the color that will be chosen for the text in order to not make it white.

The code:

/*Scroll bar on comments*/
overflow: auto !Important;
max-height: 500px !Important;
Font-family: !important;
color: #ff0000!important;
text-shadow: 0px opx 0px #000; !important;

Let me know if you have any questions.

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