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Hey! Hope you lovely writers are having a good week so far, I have recently return from my hiatus from my wereshark character here and I'm now in the process of updating her as well as giving her profile a fresh, brand new look as well.

I'm currently also in the process of looking for new stories to part take in for my character here, I wish to get her back active once more since summer is around the corner and my time will be pretty much free at this point. All are welcome to rp with me, I normally don't turn people away unless I have a reason but mostly, I give everyone a chance.

If you're willing to rp with a wereshark then give me a holler, hope to hear from some of you writers soon!

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  • “Sharky!   Are you the same sharky girl I knew from before? “ :: Flys over and gives her a big hug :: “I miss my friend, Shark Girl and Also Lava Boy.”

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