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Ariadne is 30 something activist seeking to help humanity survive the end of the world. She serves as an envoy to the outside world from a secret society of people known as Zomains who left the modern world in the '60s at the height of commune culture. Their commune was wildly successful and has persisted for 80 years until 2048 when a domestic terrorist detonates a nuclear weapon in the stratosphere above Texas destroying electronic equipment with the EMP from the blast. This single act brings about the collapse of modern civilization. It is Ariadne and her friends diligent work to gracefully ease the survivors into a new normal of a post-apocalyptic society governed by sustainability and harmony with nature instead of growth and profits.

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Character Appearance

black with a lighter complexion and a well tailored afro. She has a utilitarian cottage-core wardrobe style to serve as an example for people trying to find their way in a new world.

Character Personality

She exists near the bottom of the dunning-kreuger curve, fully cognizant of her shortcomings yet succeeding in many of her goals that seem impossible to others. She holds herself to a high standard but leaves room for acceptance of her flaws. She is a pacifist in a world best characterized by instability and death. She is the blinking green light at the end of the dock, faintly offering hope to those willing to look.

Character Likes

Gardening and enjoying nature. After the collapse, she begins to build a homestead near the apostle islands in modern day Wisconsin. She retires to this area to serve as the wise elder to tend to her garden and maintain as large a biodiversity as possible.

Character Dislikes

The violence so often necessary to enact the vision of the world she and her compatriots seek. This deep seated distain for violence is a constant struggle for her as she often feels that violence is the short term solution and the long term problem.

Character History/Story

She is one of the first to be born and live entirely ensconced in the Zomian culture. Her mother was an early founder of the community in Berkley California at the height of counterculture and race riots. Her mother, was Rosalind Franklin the first to discover the structure of DNA. A real person in the history of humanity, but in this story she gets a second chance at life. Tragically killed by cancer in her thirties, she actually faked her death to retire from the modern world and be the first to live in secret of the new enclave of Zomia at UCBerkley.

Character Abilites

Rosalind, Ariadne's mother continued her work in DNA structures and manipulations for decades until, in the early 90's she discovered scanecent cells and their relationship with DNA that causes decay in the information. She quickly realizes this is the primary cause of ageing in the human body and works to develop a therapy to counteract the scanecent cells. She experiments on herself, a practice she's had her entire life even when working with X-rays in the '50s and '60s, the likely cause of her cancer. This experimentation was equally damaging to her body and while she develops an effective treatment that momentarily restores ability to her body, even her cancer ridden ovaries, it doesn't last long after another 50 or 60 years, she succumbs to illness dying at the age of 136. Ariadne however, born from her mother at the ripe age of 90, has all of the benefits with none of the damage the therapy caused as the treatment is directly graphed into the DNA, Ariadne's DNA was altered as well. She has a type of immortality from aging. A bullet to the brain is still a problem, but time on the farm is not.

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Romance, Violence, Realistic, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

Trans woman working a boring day job eager to explore the end of the world as we know it with the potential for salvation offered by a helping hand like Ariadne's

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