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Sleepless nights

At night I lie awake in a wasteful daze, just gazing at the ceiling, wondering what has become of me, my life , and all the entails.Reaching my hand to the ceiling in the darkness reaching out for what I don't know. Maybe one day I will, til then I'll just try to see my hand against the stark contrast of the darkness in my room.I think we're all reaching out for something just beyond our close and yet so far away. Even then sometimes the echos in our minds of past things come to us when we're at our most vulnerable. Laying in our beds or sitting idly alone watching something on t.v and the soft glow of it illuminating us. It comes then.Sigh. All the things that we wish to forgot or had til then , things we hadn't thought about in years or old conversations things we should of said, needed to say, you can't hug a phantom and you can't take the lost opportunities.
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