“Only an honest death will cure you now. Liberate you from your wild curiosity.”


Age: Unknown | Species: Human (Vileblood)

Height: 6’0 (182 cm) | Birthplace: Cainhurst Castle

Gender: Female | Orientation: Unknown

Eyes: Green | Hair: Blonde

Alignment: Neutral | Relationship Status: Single


Background and Lore

Lady Maria’s past is steeped in mystery. What is known is that she was born in Cainhurst Castle, which now lies forsaken and abandoned, lost to the ages by Yharnam and its inhabitants.

She is a distant cousin of Queen Annalise, ruler of the Vilebloods, inhuman creatures with cursed blood running through their veins. In essence, this makes Maria a Vileblood as well, a heritage that she is quite frankly, disgusted with and tries to hide at all costs.

Though Lady Maria bears the noble title of “Lady” due to being a descendant of royalty, this title did not hold much authority, even in Cainhurst. Though she kept the title, Maria is a Noble in name only. She abandoned her royal heritage long ago and decided to pursue the life of a Hunter instead.

Maria was the first Apprentice to be taught under Gehrman, the first Hunter of Yharnam. Despite her forbidden heritage as a Vileblood, Gehrman took Maria under his wing and taught her everything he knew about the art of the Hunt.


Though Gehrman and Maria differed in their techniques and weapons of choice, together, they were unstoppable. Two of the most skilled Hunters who ever lived, a true force to be reckoned with for all the beasts of Yharnam.

However, one fateful day, Gehrman and Maria were tasked with going to the Fishing Hamlet on the edge of the coast. There, they were forced to do horrible things to the Hamlet’s inhabitants. What occurred that day at the Hamlet is still a sordid mystery to this very day, but whatever happened…it traumatized Maria enough to give up her life as a Hunter forever. In an act of atonement, she threw her beloved weapon, her Rakuyo, into a dark well, as she could no longer stomach its presence, knowing what unspeakable things she had used it for.

This day not only changed Maria, but it also caused a rift between her and her mentor, Gehrman, who was also scarred by the events at the Fishing Hamlet, but in an entirely different way.

Over the years of teaching her, Gehrman had developed a strange mania for his apprentice, to the point of becoming obsessed with her. Though Maria held great admiration for Gehrman, the feeling was not mutual. She rejected his advances, and then promptly disappeared, leaving Gehrman alone with nothing but his workshop to keep him company.

Unable to cope with the sudden loss of his favorite student, Gehrman’s mind began to unravel into madness and desperate loneliness. It is said that he fashioned an uncanny, human-sized doll in her likeness, as a way to cope with Maria’s absence. However, because the doll did not possess any of Maria’s personality, skills, or talents, Gehrman rejected the Doll, not dissimilar to how Maria had rejected him.


Strangely, whether by supernatural forces or by the strength of Gehrman’s will alone, Maria and the Doll seem to be emotionally linked to one another. The Doll can feel Maria’s emotions, and vice versa. Whatever happens to one, will inevitably affect the other.

Presently, Maria tries to atone for her sins as a Hunter, by acting as a caretaker for the sick and the disfigured patients in the Research Hall; those who have fallen victim to the Church’s cruel and inhumane experiments. The failed results of the organization’s secret work, kept in the dark and hidden from all. Maria has become a saintly figure for them, a light in the dark, and someone who gives them some sense of comfort during their painful, half-existence.

Maria’s domain lies just above the research hall, in the Astral Clocktower. It is here where she has tried to build a new life for herself, far away from Gehrman where no one can ever find her. But more importantly, where she can’t harm anyone ever again. And yet…

The Call of the Hunt still echoes in her veins.  


“Nightmares and secrets…they’ll only get you so far.”


Maria would be best described as a practical and disciplined woman. She is unforgiving towards her enemies, but even more so towards herself. It was this admirable sense of self-discipline that allowed her to become one of the most skilled Hunters that Yharnam had ever known. As such, it should come as little surprise that Maria demands perfection not only from herself but from those around her as well. Perhaps it’s that strong streak of noble blood that causes her to look down on others, consciously or not.

Maria comes across as blunt and cold when it comes to socializing with others. However, this does not mean she is completely without feelings. There is a private, hidden part of her that desires companionship. However, she will not commit herself to any conversation that she believes would be a waste of time.

Her no-nonsense approach to life is often mistaken for cruelty when in reality, Maria is simply a woman who values her time and she refuses to give it freely to those who she feels are undeserving of it. However, it would be a fatal mistake to underestimate her. If Maria is wronged or slighted in any way, even if it’s only perceived, she will show no mercy to the offender.

Maria is said to have a deep fondness for the Lumenflowers that grow in the gardens outside of the Research hall. Sometimes, she will leave the doors to the gardens open, so that the patients in the Research hall might find some respite from their pain by smelling the flowers and feeling the warm breeze on their skin.


“Hm. Look at you. That glint in your eyes. You are insufferable!”

Abilities and Equipment:

Lady Maria’s weapon of choice is her beloved Rakuyo, a double-bladed sword that can be wielded as a complete weapon on its own, or it can be split into a sword and a dagger if dual wielding is needed.

Maria loved the Rakuyo because, unlike other Cainhurst weapons, it does not rely on blood magic. Rather, it requires great skill and dexterity. As Maria desperately wants to sever all ties with Cainhurst, it’s only fitting that she chose a weapon that does not require blood to be effective.

Like all Hunters, Maria also carries a firearm with her at all times. She wields a long-barreled, Cainhurst pistol called an Evelyn, which fires single, powerful shots and reloads quickly. Like other pistols, it uses quicksilver bullets, which are most effective for disposing of beasts.

Maria is a fierce and skillful hunter. She was among the best of Gehrman’s students and later became one of the most talented Hunters who ever lived, and for good reason. Her expertise in battle is perhaps matched only by her mentor, and that’s when she’s showing restraint.

However, if she taps into her potential as a Vileblood, and awakens her full power, she is virtually unstoppable. By impaling herself with her own sword, she can forge a blood rite that allows her to use the powers of blood magic completely uninhibited. When she swings her Rakuyo, she can summon the power of the blood at will and can also shoot fire from the tips of her blades if she so desires. She can also levitate while using these powers, but only for a short time.

In Cainhurst, blood powers are praised as a gift, rather than the wretched curse that Maria saw them as. She despises this forbidden power and therefore will only use it as a last resort, or in defense of her life.


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Lady Maria is a Fictional Character from the PlayStation 4 Game “Bloodborne”. She was portrayed by Evetta Muradasilova, created by Hidetaka Miyazaki, and is owned by FromSoftware Inc. I do not own Lady Maria. I am using her for the purposes of creative, transformative content, which falls under fair use.


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