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Character Age

Depends on RP

Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

Human form- Height: 5'7" Hair: Short, dark brown with purple tips Eyes: Green Vampire form- Height: 5'11" Hair: Short, stark white Eyes: Dark red

Character Personality

Human- A bit anxious and closed off. He likes to keep to himself and read, write, draw, play on his Nintendo Switch, or listen to extremely loud music through his noise cancelling headphones that are always either on or around his neck. Vampire- When around people, though he usually isn't, he tends to be fairly outgoing. It's typically one person at a time so it's easier for him to handle.

Character Likes

Food, writing, drawing people he sees in public, photography, dogs, and cats. Favorites: Food- Sushi Book- The Shining Thing to take pictures of- The sky Band(s)- Stone Temple Pilots and Of Monsters And Men

Character Dislikes

Rude people Overly spicy food Classical Music Country Music Horses

Character History/Story

WIP (Will update soon)

Character Inventory

- New Apple phone (he keeps up with technology) - Black backpack: - Copy of The Never Ending Story - Backup headphones - Dog treats - Cat treats

Character Abilites

Typical Vampire abilities. - Winnowing: Basically teleportation, but through shadows and wind. -"Shapeshifting": The changing between human form and vampire form. -"Fangs begone": A small magic to rid of fangs when in human form.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)


Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Realistic, Rated R, Child Friendly, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

Hello! I'm Em I am genderfluid so he/they pronouns please. I am also 18+

I have many characters on a range of genders and plot lines. I have OCs and CCs from a selection of animes, the DC and Marvel universes, and from lots of different time periods, so I am very flexible when it comes to RP options.

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  • [ You're welcome!

    I sent an inbox message to you, to leave some loose ideas with you, if any of them should work, or sound interesting.  I am hoping when you have a chance to read over it (no rush though), that that message did not fail to send.  I will offer a resend if it should have glitched or something. :) ]

  • [Thank you kindly for the friendship/invitation.  ^^]

  • { Hello, thanks for the add! I love your character's personality! } 

  • Hi there! Thank you so much for adding! Please let me know if you have any ideas to plot :)

  • [Thanks for the friend request!]

  • I think it would be pretty fun if we plotted :)

  • thank you for the interest and add :), I look forward to plotting if you'd like to

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