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Character Appearance

James stands at six foot with dark brown hair that curls behind his ear. He is Caucasia with piercing blue eyes that are framed by thick eyelashes. His eyebrows are bushy and he he wears a frown almost all the time making his gaze more intense. His nose is slightly crooked from all the fights he’s been in and he has high cheekbones. James has thin pink lips that look very soft to the touch. His teeth are pearly white and his canines sharp as razors. His chin is dimpled and dusted in a soft, dark stubble. His skin is clear, full of color and without a single wrinkle, showing off his beauty. James has pink, fleshy scars that starts at his left shoulder and runs down to the top of his fingers. He covers this part of himself with long sleeve garments and smooth leather gloves.

Character Personality

James is a complicated character. He known for his silence and staring problem, but that’s all a front - a façade. He used to be an extrovert, but over time he has turned into himself. Quiet, somber, and mysterious is how he would be described. However, once James has gotten to know a person and deemed them ‘not food’, he unfolds like a flower in the spring time. He loves a good laugh, laughing at his own jokes or just to annoy close friends. He’s a flirt and loves to get people riled up and wrapped around his finger. He is a free spirit when he isn’t holed in his apartment self loathing over his past. And he has a kind heart for those who he holds dear.

Character Likes

James has never let himself live, so he tries to remember what he used to like when he was living: His mother’s scent. He can’t remember her face but her smell is distinctly branded in his brain. He remembers her fancy perfume from when she sprayed it on the letters she sent him during his time in the war. The rain in the summertime. The smell of the soil dampening from the droplets falling from the sky. It reminds him of the days he used to play with Steve in the park, drenched and muddy from playing a little too long. Cooking. He can’t really explain it, but it takes him back to when his mother was still struggling with taking care of all his siblings after his father had passed. Cooking and cleaning were the only things he was good for, but his mother appreciated every little thing he did. He loves that there is no more rationing anymore, and the food has more flavors now. He can’t eat it so it goes to waste anyway. His Harley. Technically he did steal it from a man he killed, but that doesn’t really matter. His leather gloves. They protect him. They make him. They are him. 40s music, because that was the best era ever. He really doesn’t know what trash the children are listening to these days.

Character Dislikes

This list comes very easily: Today’s music. If he wanted to kill his eardrums he would have detonated a grenade near his head. The nickname Jamie. Why would you have the gull to do that? I mean why? Talking to strangers who don’t know what the hell they’re getting into. What part of mysterious, black dressed, piercing stare, ominously sitting in the dark corner individual screams “Come and talk to me!”? People don’t have common scene, but I guess that’s how he survives. Taking public transportation. Trains, busses, and taxis mess him up. He doesn’t like being in enclosed spaces with people. He always gets the feeling they know him, or can see through him, or he might just rip them up. It’s unsettling. Panic attacks and nightmares. Everything is so vivid, he hates it. Especially when they make him kill his family, friends and other people he used to know.

Character History/Story

(Loosely follows the MCU timeline.) James was born in the early 1900s, he can’t remember certain things so this might not be very accurate. He lived with his parents and three younger sisters. Had a friend, Steve, at a young age who he grew up with. Shortly after he finished school his father passed, making him responsible for for the second salary in the family. He went to war and got captured, shot up with a back room experimented super soldier serum. He soon got rescued by Steve? Surprisingly, he wasn’t surprised in the slightest. But soon fighting beside Steve got him killed. Falling off the train was cold, all he felt was cold. Then he saw him. The man, no - the creature, that turned him, drained him and left him for dead. Then the Nazis found him, torn ligaments and bleeding. They patched him up, and then dissected him and made a new model for themselves. A new soldier, a puppet. He killed so many people. He had so much blood on his hands, on his teeth, in his mouth, down his throat. And then he saw Steve again and that broke the fog he was in. He escaped, lived on the run, hiding from the world and his past. But they found him, they cared for him and they gave him a safe place to stay. They gave him a hit, some crops, food, and some goats. He was content. Then they asked him to fight, who was he to refuse after all the kindness they had shown him? He fought, they lost, he died - something he thought would never happen, he came back to life - which, damnit, and he fought again and this time they won. Steve left. Why? No one knows. But James thinks he does, just a little. He was left with a few people. Good people. It wasn’t the same though. And that’s where he is now. Going to therapy after his pardon, helping Sam Wilson, and trying to get his life together - what’s left of it.

Character Abilites

James has a number of abilities. Some coming from the super soldier serum and some from his turning. Super strength and hearing - amplified from the turning. Super speed - from the turning. Nocturnal sight - from the turning. Sense of smell dialed up to a thousand - from the turning.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, One-liners

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Rated R, 18+, Action

About the Writer (OOC)

I go by the name of Mimi, I am over the age of 18, and I am very new to the whole rp thing. I love writing and creating alternate universes that include OCs and characters based off of Canon Characters. I just want to give all a heads up that I do not accept threads that make the other party uncomfortable or is harmful to the other person and I hope others respect me as well. I really am not picky about the types of genres I write in, I just love exploring with many scenes and characters. I do not mind any relationships that may be heterosexual or homosexual, just please specify a few things for me - I am very slow. Thank you for reading, and i hope to get to know many characters from this site.

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