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Character Age

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Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

Minion died before the effects of cigarettes were properly researched; therefore she forever has the sunken cheeks and boney complexion of an avid, French smoker who skipped breakfast, preferring a coffee and a cigarette. Death further accentuated these features. The loss of some muscle made her cheekbones and eyesockets more prevelant, giving a somewhat eerie look. Minion still remains the kind of woman a tourist would look at when first entering Paris, amused that the stereotypes are true. The light brown hair cut into a bob with bangs, the skinny demeanor but accentuated bones and a slightly large nose that shows no signs of insecurity. A stereotype, perhaps willingly portraying herself as such.

Character Personality

The French arrogance remained, despite the accent having been carefully trained out. The arrogance only turned into judgement with death. As the frogs are there to eat the insects, and the birds are ready to feast on the frogs, so have vampires been created to cull the human population. Which humans deserve death, however? The weak? The criminal? According to Manon, the false. Spreaders of fake news, propaganda, false prophets. Those are her targets; that is the purpose of her unlife, to cull the world of lies and deceit as she has best been equipped to do: with fangs.

Character Likes

Manon had always been a lover of books, particularly those detailing a hero's journey. Les Mis being a particular favourite as she sees Jean Valjean as a good model. Otherwise, she maintains a love for cigarettes. Despite them no longer tainting or carrying the same sting they used to, she finds the habit somewhat peaceful. Despite being a monster of the night, Manon maintains a close relationship with God as taught by her now deceased husband. Studying religious texts and attending different masses brings her a sense of belonging, despite having been cursed to no longer be able to enjoy that benefit of humanity. A contradictory guilty pleasure is maintained in astrology and astronomy alike.

Character Dislikes

People who think too full of themselves, who peride themselves with being connesieurs and men of knowledge, despite barely having lived anger Manon. Clenched fists and inaudible hisses are needed to constrain herself from sucking dry a nobody that thinks themselves having the grace of God. Cloudy nights and full moons make her uneasy, as do new moons. She feels best in between the lunar cycles, heavily disliking the extremes.

Character History/Story

As a daughter of rich french in the 60s, her future was of little importance. It mostly entailed marriage. Her older sister had seen just that, despite falling rapidly ill in her young age. Their parents wished to see her married, and luckily, they accepted the marriage out of love. The union was short lived however as the husband died of pneumonia, leaving the oldest of the family widowed and in an even faster deteriorating state. This left the youngest, Manon, to have to put her own life on hold and care for her sister. Tethered to an old villa in rural France, Manon found joy in little other than her former brother-in-law's books. The deceased took a strong interest in the occult and esoteric, and seemed to fancy secret meetings to discuss such arts. With rebellious winds, Manon infiltrated such a club, posing in men's clothing. Despite only listening and not drawing attention, a single gentleman became interested in the newcomer and seemed to know her secret. He seemed to know a lot of other secrets, too. The stranger offered to share this knowledge with Manon, but warned that she could never go back, that her old life would be forsaken. Given her older sister's wellbeing, this couldn't happen until her death. The stranger waited, with regular visits, and ensured that the oldest of the family was not to die alone, as Manon briefly joined her in death, too. The stranger became husband as he fell enamoured with Manon and spend years sharing his knowledge with her, and imposed his world views into the very receptive new undead. Manon wedded the man, only to be widowed barely a few years after as his ashes appeared in their sanctuary. Scared, she fled, fearing for her own safet, and now wishes to continue his dream of purifying the world of lies.

Character Abilites

Manon is a typical vampire, yet she also posses the curse of knowledge. Every piece of knowledge any of her ancestors ever had, she possess. Any knowledge her future blood will share, she also possesses. This turns to an advantage at times, yet also a curse. Despite her being aware that water is wet, the echo of dozens of others rings in her head as they warn that water is indeed wet.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Realistic, 18+, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

Heya, New to the site but very experienced roleplayer. Looking for nice, chill people to write some stories with and hear ideas from! Always open to chat. (:

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