Old Ghosts - HW23


Halloween event Entry | Poetry Submission: Theme of old ghosts.


"Luci... Luci, where are you?"

The old ghosts rang out. Echoes, taunts, and memories strewn about.

The voices like whispers, soft and sweet to a tune she must have known, some long time ago.

Before all she knew was the cold brick wall.


"Please, Lucienne, darling..."

Some time ago. Some place. Something stolen from beneath her feet, from the front of her mind.

From the back of her memories. Something replaced, something dead and gone.

Replaced by a cold brick wall.


"Come home! Darling come home..."

These old ghosts. They taunt, they plead.

They ask in voices that echo through her mind's chambers.

Oh, how they echoed against that cold brick wall.


"Where is she? Our sweet little girl..."

Old ghosts. Voices like velvet, but cold to their touch.

They danced like cool fingertips on the back of her mind. 


"Come back to us... Luci..."

There was no back, no home.

No memories, no thoughts that dwelled in the back of her mind,

Replaced by the sight of that cold brick wall.


"She couldn't have gone far... hurry-"

Old ghosts search, she listened. Until she could no longer listen.

The cold, the voices. They dimmed on that day, only to taunt. To plead. 


"Lucienne! Oh, Luci- where did you..?"

They remind her of a time, and a place.

Before the new ghosts, and new places.


"She must be here! She can't be gone!"

Old ghosts once sang, before new sharp voices swarmed her mind's chambers. 

Then all she knew was that cold brick wall.

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