Almost Human - Awakening

When i first opened my eyes all i could see was red. I was completely naked and creator or my father like you human said had blown his brains out with a gun. His body was laying down on top of his desk and the blood filled almost every corner of that white room. Then i saw it there was a tv attached to one of the wall that sudden turned on. Some of the blood splashed on it. “Hello there Nora ... my name is Dr William Sockovitch and i am your creator... i know that you probably are afraid and confuse right now but you have to listen to me because you don't have much time. Someone is coming to get you and there are going to try to turn you into a weapon. Do not let them you are my greatest creation the perfect replica of a female human body but with upgrades that soon you will discover by yourself but like i said you are my greatest creation and you Nora and you were created to protect lives no destroy them. “In a flash the lights were off i could not understand what was going on or why ... my eyes could not see, but my ears could hear and i heard it. Someone was coming it seemed that they were many and they were coming in my direction. Then i remembered the words of my creator “ ahh...ahhhh ..s..someone .....c..coming“ i tried to make sounds with my mouth but it was hard I've never spoken before, but for some reason, i was able to understand them.Ii broke the door of my father's office without effort just a kick was enough and then i saw them and they saw me. There were many of them standing left and right . All dressed in this type of black armor carrying big guns. “Open fire” As soon as i heard that my heart stopped for a second and without thinking it too much i ran towards a transparent wall that you humans call crystal. My body fell into a void as i heard loud noises behind me. Small fractions of glasses and metal rose my body. I remained 5.3  seconds suspended in the air even when my feet touched the ground in the top of another huge tall structure just like the one i just escaped from but this one was a little bit smaller. " Fire at discretion" As i turned around and stared at the black dressed humans for a moment a small piece of fast metal penetrated my skin right through my right  shoulder. A sudden feeling recorded my body made me squirm and scream for a few seconds while a red liquid began to pour from the new hole i had in my body caused by that piece of metal. After that i knew i didn't wanted to feel that again and i began to move my feet as fast as i could towards the opposite direction away from those men that kept throwing me those small pieces of sharp metal. Some of them hit the floor next to my feet throwing small pieces of dirt and cement against my body and face. Once i was reaching the end of the floor I gave another jump. Letting me fall into another void again. 

This void fall was even longer it lasted 7.8 seconds before my feets touched the ground in a crouched position. The place where i landed it was dark and small there was only one exit. Pieces of paper with printed words flew all over the small space. My eyes slowly turned to the right and for the first time, i was able to see a living human face. The man looked tired his body was covered by broken pieces of clothes while on his right hand he had a bottle of glass with the words rum imprinted on it. He stared at me for a while with his eyes opened in a huge manner "h..hi " he said to me unlike the others i saw before he didn't have any intention to harm me so ".h.....hi" the man continued to stare at me and then ..he just threw the bottle against a wall breaking it into small pieces " I must be turning crazy" the man said I stood straight and looked at my shoulder it was still pouring blood and it still made me uncomfortable. My eyes stared at the sky and it was dark full with white dots. " s..stars"  Then i looked at my wound again this time i took out with my fingers what was making me uncomfortable, that small piece of metal. despite that used feeling running through my body, i didn't flinch. Once it was out i stared at it and threw it to the floor. My eyes turned to the old man again his face was whiter than before and his right hand was covering his mouth " Oh my God " I just stared at him " hi " after saying that i just began to walk towards the exit. 

It took me a few minutes to learn that i just like any human should wear clothes. To keep me warm and to keep other humans stop from screaming or look at me. It took me a few days to learn about the hunger and necessities of the body, and a few weeks to learn about violence. I saw how humans beat each other on the corners of the roads and alleys. Many of them beat the other humans for their belongings especially for that green paper called money. I also learned about beauty and charity. When i was sitting on the streets some people gave things to eat. Even one time a female puppy human chared with me something called ice cream it was cold but tasty.  The mother pulled her away as soon as she saw us together I believe she was trying to protect her creature trying to avoid her from being harmed. The nights and days continued to pass and i kept learning about humans but it was so hard to understand them. Until Sara appeared.

While I was sleeping in an alley the sounds of some female screams woke me up. There was one old female human trying to protect her belongings and tree male young humans trying to take them away from her. I stood there just watching I never intervened "  Someone HELP ME" She screamed over and over. " Shut up old bitch and give us your purse" One of them screamed as the other one tried to take her bag from the woman's hands. The third one just gave a small glance at me noticing my presence in the alley " What the fuck are you looking at crazy bitch?" I remained silent and didn't answer as he approached me holding a metallic instrument called gun used to kill other humans. " I said what the fuck are you looking at crazy bitch?" The others stopped what they were doing and just stared at me from the distance. " P..please me, " The old lady said  "Shut the fuck up, " The man said turning around for a moment before he looked at me again. He stood just inches away " Okay bitch just walk away, " he said looking at me in the eyes. and then he spoke again " I told you to walk away bitch " After those words he tried to hit me with the gun. I just took his forehand with my right hand and topped his movement. I  could see the surprise in his eyes " W..what is.... bitch?" I asked staring at him before i started to squeeze his left forearm with my fingers  it really was not my intention. I saw how he let his gun go and screamed in pain. " Pain?' I didn't know that humans could feel it " KILL THIS BITCH!" the man screamed at the others. I  just got bored of this human and I just tossed him to the side with no effort. His body smashed into a wall and fell knocked out. After seeing that the other two, just ran away from that place. The old lady remained there with a relieved face. She walked towards me " T,,thank you for your help,,what is your name child?" I could see her staring at me starting from my head going down to my feet. my body was dirty my long hair almost covered my face and the only thing covering my body was a long grey old shirt and some small pants" N..Nora " I said before it started to pour water from the skies. My body quickly began to shiver as the drops touched my body while my belly started to make funny noises"  Nice to meet you name is Sara you seem hungry ..would you like to eat something?" As i shiver i cover my own body with my own arms "y..yes" The old lady smiled and cover me with a cloak while the rain continued to pour down the sky.

 To be continued....

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